Friday, March 21, 2008

Toad HIll's Rust Spot

Rusty is a 32.00" proven stallion who was used only once in 2006 quite by accident and bred Tyke for a cute little overo filly. In 2008 we plan to use him on several of the three year old fillies as he is small and should throw small foals. Time will tell. His first foal, a filly is shown at the right with mommy.

Currently I do not have great photos of Rusty but below you can see him playing "King of the Mountain" below.Rusty's breeding goes back to Rainbow Ridges Starburst Cody who sired WF Flashy Boy (Spud).
Spud was sold and hardshipped into AMHA by the new owners I have been told. Probably should not have sold Spud, but sometimes your realize your errors after you made them.For that reason, I decided to keep Rusty for a couple years and really evaluate what he throws before I decide what to do with him. I might have him trained for driving next summer (2009) if I don't sell him.

Rusty may be an tovero. I know he throws overo. (Update, he has produced an overo (2007) and three tobino foals (2008). He has been bred to three mares for 2009 foals.

I know I can have him tested, Guess you can say he is my genetics experiment for the year. He will be bred to several mares that have buckskin, cremello and solid sorrel.

Rusty is the baby in the photo above. I included this photo so you can see what his dam looks like.
When Rusty was born we saw he was all white with one small sorrel spot, and we called him One Spot. Then we found a second, so we called him Two Spot...well after finding the third spot, we named him Rust Spot...perhaps it is a silly name, but it has a history.

Rusty is offered for sale, asking $1,000. OBO.

Rusty's Pedigree:

Sire: Toad Hill's Oreo (Black pinto, 32.0" AMHR only) by WF Flashy Boy (32.00", black pinto, AMHA, AMHR). Flashy Boy is by Rainbow Ridges Starburst Cody (30.50") out of Circle S Missy (34.00")

Dam: Toad Hill's Neon Echo (Sabino Overo, 30.0" AMHA/AMHR). Echo is by Colorworlds Neon Knight (33.0, overo) out of Mini Bucks Painted Princess (33.50", liver pinto)

I have taken a couple more Rusty photos. The black and white pinto with Rusty is Rebel. Rusty is about 32 inches (I will find his measurement and correct this if I am off).

Rusty sired three foals this year (2008). Rosie is show in two blogs and the two sorrel pintos are show in Lincoln and Baldrige.

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