Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Junior Handler at CSPA

While at the CSPA (Central States Pony Assoication) show at Gordyville, I met a young lady (7 years old) who seemed really into minis.
She was showing several buckskin mares in the over class and her stalls were next to mine. We got to talking and she was quite taken with Toad Hill's Little Dove, a blue roan pinto. So I said if she wanted she could show her in color class. She showed Little Dove and won 1st place under both judges...well done!!

Below is Brianna in the multi-color class.

Brianna with Little Dove..."Darn Fly keeps nipping me on the hind leg" said Little Dove

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MiniVanAdventures - The Trip to the Area 4 Show

Toad Hill's Spots and Dots, a 2009 29.5 inch stallion was talking with his human: "Alright, so you need to get on I-74 and take a right on to Rt. 136. Got that?"
Spots and Dots: "What do you mean you want to go down to I-57 then turn right?
Whoa, wait a're adding how many miles to this trip"

Spots and Dots: "I don't think my human knows how to read a map. Good thing we gassed up before we left home in the van."

Spots and Dots: " I love it when my human is wrong...can you see my smiling...hee hee, score one for the mini!!!"