Sunday, March 30, 2008

Toad Hill's ????? No Name Yet Filly

Saturday, March 29th, was the day that Rebel went to the handlers to prepare for the 2008 show season. We left after doing chores about 9 AM and was back home about 2:30 PM. After getting back into the house, I happened to look at a north facing window and saw one of the mares in the corner of the north pasture all by herself. Wind blowing out of the east, but she was in the windbreak near the evergreens. I looked and thought that it was strange she was there away from the other mare...I was putting on a coat to go out and check her, but before I went out I looked out the window again...a small gray object was standing beside her, and it moved.

"Pilgrims had a foal!!! We have to get out there and bring them in!!" and we rushed out, my friend locked the gate to prevent the mares from coming back into the pasture while I went down with oats just in case the mare decided she did not want to come in. Everything worked out fine, mare is now in the barn with her filly and all the bred mares have been moved to the pasture ajacent to the foaling barn. The first day Pilgrim was exposed to the stallion was May 18th last year. She had her feet trimmed three days ago, and did not look pregnant and I neglect to just check to see if she was making bag. She certainly snuck this one in on us.
Color is always a challenge with minis...Pilgrim is black with a white on rump and tail. Gatsby is a dapple gray pinto. This filly looks like she has a wide black stripe from her mane through her tail, but she lightens up as the color moves from stripe around and down the body. She does has a snip, star and a little white between the snip up to the eyes.
So now I have decided to call the filly Toni, but a need a good official name that uses Toni in it. Any suggestions?

IT"S OFFICIAL (1/10/2009) Toni's full name is Toad Hill's Toni Terrific

Sire: Toad Hill's The Great Gatsby (AMHA, AMHR)
Dam: Toad Hill's Pilgrim (AMHA, AMHR)

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