Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Well finally, Boone's Buckeroo Fancy Pant has sired a blue roan for me.
Sire: Boone's Buckeroo Fancy Pants (29 inches)
Dam: Toad Hill's Kiss Me Kate (32 inches)

Below: Photo of Kate's colt and Buttermilk's colt (Yet to be named)

Storm Chaser

Born on Wednesday, May 25th, as I was driving in a storm from Chicago to Bloomington I received a call from my grandson..."Is there supposed to be a little horse out on the lawn? It's raining and the mare and foal are running around."
As I drove down there were news broadcasts of storms in the area being followed by storm chasers...it seemed a natural for this little filly.

AMHA/AMHR eligible

Sire: Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir
Dam: Toad Hill's Pilgrim - Sired by Double B Farm's Wee Macho Man out of Klavohn's Oreo Delight

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Special Delivery

PHOTOS ABOVE Taken June 11, 2011

Will post more current soon.
Ever just sit up in the middle of the night thinking there's some wrong and you have to get up and check it out?

Happened this morning at 4:25AM, Thursday, May 26th... I jump up and get out of bed...something is wrong. Immediately dressed, grab the flashlight and went outside...first place I go is the open shelter north of the house and there on the ground is TBD attempting to foal...the foal with one leg and a head out.
I break open the bag to allow air to the foal, try to put the foal back in a little while feeling for that second leg. Tried several times with my hand completely in the mares body...no luck.

Leave the foal, run to call vet...he's coming...I'm back in the barn....as I approach, I see the foals front body completely out...both front legs...WOW, missed a tragedy that time. Back to call the vet, go to the warmer barn, set up a stall, rush back out to grab the foal (by this time the afterbirth is passed), pick up foal, carry to barn with mom following close behind.
This was a Special Delivery...beautiful reddish brown color....star on forehead, some white legs. AMHR eligible colt.

Sometimes the name is obvious. I started this
Blog at 5:22 AM, thought I would jot down the adventure before going out again. Besides you have to let the mare and foal spend sometime together...she will relax a while, lick off the foal and mind-meld with foal.

I have to go back in, change clothes, have some tea and get ready for the day's chores. And of course, take a photo for the blog.

First photos taken a day after foaling followed by several taken June 11.

Sire: Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir
Dam: Toad Hill's TBD Day of Defense

UPDATE: Photos Taken June 11, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Cereal Collection: PERLINO Paint

May 11, 2011 probably about 5 AM GrapeNuts had her second foal. This one is a palomino colored paint. Photos do not show the pattern well, will have to work on them.
Brother to Honey Nuts I am proud to present (drum roll):

Toad Hill's Fancy Granola.....hmmmmm no?
          Toad Hill's Fancy Kashi ...still don't know
Might he be?
                    Toad Hill's Fancy Honey Grahams
No matter what he is named, he is a member of the:

Cereal Collection

Yes, his head is a little darker and he has shades of black on his mane and tail.

On a sadder note, Boones Little Buckeroo, grandsire to this little kid, passed away today, May 11th...perhaps I should put a reference to him in this Fancy boy's name.
Sire: Boones Buckeroo Fancy Pants, 29.75 inches
Dam: Toad Hill's Grapenuts, 30 inches

One week old photos

Below: Graham and GrapeNuts Photo Taken June 20, 2011

Derby Day 2011

While at the DuQuion Show Me Little Equine Show on May 7th I received a call about the time of the Kentucky Derby..."There's a new pony and all the mares are looking at it." 
Stormy Weather decided it was time to have her foal. I had some interesting name suggestions: Animal Kingdom....really, can you imagine a horse named Animal Kingdom?
I don't care if he did win the Derby, not for my horse. Big Brown...that was the winner several years ago, and I did consider Little Brown, since the colt is all brown. But hey, Big Brown was a bay, no black on new colt.
Brown Derby...but only a few would remember what that was. 
So Derby Daze or Brown Derby Daze...still thinking.
Look at him, what would you name him?

BELOW: Derby June 22, 2011