Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Other Chariot Sites

I get a lot of hits from Google when someone searches for chariots. You have to look a lot to find some good sites for miniatures, therefore I will provide links below as I find them.
Other Chariot Sites:

Ritchfield, Idaho in 2004 had these sites:
Now this is not a joke, the next time I am near Idaho, I will try to get more information. I snagged this image from their site and hope they do not mind.
I will add information to this site as I find more links.
Please note, chariot racing is
dangerous. The drivers have bicycle crash hats on and are wearing winter clothes. This is not the type of class you would see at a miniature show. The AMHR chariot classes are judged on gaits, appearance of the team and the drives must be wearing costumes which must be Roman style. The goal at an AMHR show is not to see which chariot can go the fastest (although I have been at some when two very experienced drivers were there and did let their horses run a lap). I have also been at a show where the chariot broke and if it were not for the control of the driver and the fact the horse did not spook, no one was hurt.
I have included another shot of the chariot.

Monday, May 26, 2008

At the Horse Wash

Getting ready for a showing weekend means a lot of preparation. You have to wash the horses, clip the horses, keep the horses clean while you take them to the show...it's work, work, work.
But there are times you can play Tom Sawyer and get someone else to do the work.

We took advantage of the cute little horses, and convinced my grandson and some of his girl friends that horse washing was fun!!! In the photo Grapenuts getting her first bath prior to clipping. Grandson is in the green shirt, he's the official holder since the girls don't know how to control the horses.
They washed four horses that day, and in the end everyone except the horses needed to take a shower. Don't know who got the wettest!!

Horse Hitches in Arthur, IL

Late April we traveled to Arthur to visit friends. It was time to start working the fields so we drove around to see what was happening. As we drove around we saw a 7 horse hitch disking in a field. We were pretty impressed until about 10 minutes later we saw the hitch on the right.

Not impressed? Well, you really can’t tell much from this angle with the horses all lined up in the diagonal row…so I walked around the back and snapped the photo below.

Count them!!!

YEAP, Eight rumps!!! Could not believe this so I walked around to the front to count noses...still eight!!! What was even more amazing is these horses were not two rows of four but eight across.

It sure is interesting what you can see if you just travel around a little.

Phantom Has Arrived!!!

Phantom left for Utah on Wednesday at 5 PM. He arrived Saturday morning, Below is the email I received from the new owner:

The boy is here and all is well. Thank you Thank you!
He came about 11:30 this morning and was alert and curious and just as cute as pie. I let him trot down to his pen and all the other horses were just all eyes. I had a flake of hay and fresh water but he wasn't hungry. The driver said he was an easy traveler, that he slept and licked the mineral block and ate and drank. I definitely recommend the HauledWright service. He went over to see Fury through the fence and stomped his right foot to let him know the boss had arrived. Fury was doing that funny mouthing "I'm just a baby" thing. Within a half an hour, they were grooming each other's neck and shoulders. My thoroughbred put back his ears standing at the fence and Phantom reared up at him. Oh, when he first came, he rolled. And rolled. And reared and kicked and just loosened up. He has had four visitors who think he is just stunning. I left to do errands for a few hours and he had eaten most of his hay when I got back at 6:00. I gave him another flake and put half a scoop of probiotics in a little crimped oats to help him get over the stress of traveling. He seems to be doing great. He has met the three big horses west of him, the three of ours to the north, and Fury to the east. Two that are just loose came and visited on the south. He seems very confident. I bit some pieces of two baby carrots for him and they were a big hit. He is so beautiful! And he has beautiful movement. Fury has been highly anxious all day so we gave him some probiotics, too. It looked like rain for a while, and we have a stall space fixed for him in the barn, but I'm glad it cleared up so they can be out. About 55 today, 40ish tonight. I will take pictures. I think that in a few days, if they continue as they have started, Phantom will be ready to start his reign.

I have not used HauledWright previously as a transport service, but I will admit both the new owner and I were very satisfied with their service. The lady driver, Frenchie, seems to be efficient and all business. She arrived with a clean trailer and stall already for Phantom with fresh hay and water. She called about an hour before arriving and although she was running a little late coming to pick up Phantom made it up and delivered him earlier than I expected.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Toad Hill's Slate

Let's start by saying: "Can you say Multi-Color Champion 2009?" That's what I was thinking when I saw this new foal who is 2008 model born to Willow this morning. Willow is a consistant producer of color and was last year's National Champion in Produce of dam.

So what about the foal? Born May 24 over Memorial Day weekend. There's a name in there somewhere, just haven't figured it out yet. Anyway I suspect he (most likely) will be a dapple grey like his big brother Phantom.

Kiss Me Kate and Paint Me Picasso are also out of the same dam and were the two shown in the produce of dam class.

So give me a day or two to really get to know this colt and I will write more.

Mom (Willow) below is having a bad hair day in the photo below, but how many moms look this good after giving birth to a 40 pound baby that morning?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Toad Hill's Sandy Beach

Toad Hill's Sandy Beach is a 33", AMHR registered sorrel filly born 7/7/05. I kept her until now because her sire is Toad Hill's Ivanhoe, the sire of T H Stormy Weather, another mare I showed in 2007. Because I am really into showing black and white pintos, Sandy just does not fit my breeding program. Since I showed four horses in 2007, she did not make the show circuit.

Sire: Toad Hill's Ivahoe by Spragues Buckeye (30.25") who was sired by NFC Yankee Clipper (28") out of 4 GS Hemlock ABrook Silvr Jane (33") Ivanhoe's dam Koch's My Angel Baby (32.5")

Dam: Klavohns Oreo Delight (32.50") sired by HCM Navajos Bold Innovation (32") out of Klavohn's D. Q. Double Delight (31")
To the right is a photo of T H Sid... and Sandy.