Friday, March 21, 2008

Toad Hill's Grapenuts

Foaled in 2006, this two year old is a dun colored pinto that appears to exhibit features that would indicate she is homozygous for tobiano. (I know she does not look dun in the photo but I can provide more current true color photo) The photos were taken in 2007 when as a yearling Grapenuts received a month's worth of training and was shown on one weekend. She was officially measures in 2007 at 30.0".XXXX

Sire: Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby (dapple grey pinto, 33.25")
Dam: Toad Hill's Kibbles N Bits (dun pinto, 33")

Danielle showed Grapenuts only one weekend (2007), but placed 1st under one judge in the multi-color mare class, and 2nd under the other two. She also was shown in yearling mare...can't remember how she placed because after she beat Kate in multi-color I decided to not show her the rest of year. I did not need two of my horses competing for multi-color in the same class.

From her pattern I believe she is homozygous pinto.

I still have Grapenuts but have not decided if I will bring her to some local shows just for the fun of it, or keep her and bred her next year to Rebel.

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