Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hot Weather Breaksfast for Minis/ Cool Water Ritchie Water

It's always a challenge to keep your minis (or any animal) cool when the weather gets above 95 degrees. I have discovered several ways in addition to those you read on the internet.

What to feed them to keep them cool? My horses breaksfast on a special gourment delight seen to the right. It may be a little hard to see the but the horses know. It is about 3/4 pound of alfafha/grass hay, with a fresh watermelon slice garnished with a sprinkling of oats. Nourishing and tasty the herd is ready for breakfast.
Coming towards her breaksfast is the foal, Neyitira. Behind her is the two year old Kissed by an Angel, then Neyitira's dam- Summer Breeze, the little colt Dyn-O-Mite and several more.

After the meal they like to loaf in the open shelter, complete with a Ritchie Combo Unit. This automatic water insures cool fresh water  that both the mares and foals can access.

Just word about these Ritchie waterers. They stopped making this model..I do not know why...I have three of them and by next week a fourth. They are the right height for adult minis, too high to poop in but just right for all the smallest minis. The low waterer are great for the short ones and the foals. I can keep horses on both sides, because the other side has the same configuration.
Clean, fresh, cool water and in the winter you can adjust to the perfect  warm water for the horses.
Ritchie, in my mine you  blew it when you stopped production on this model!!

One more photo, below is Rebel (Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir) hanging out with his new friend, ZeePa, the black Russian terrier.