Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miss Peach Meets Her New BFF

 A neighbor down the road from me had a miniature mare that needed a friend. Her owner stopped by one day and asked if I had a yearling that might be friendly, not a dominant mare, but one who was looking for a new friend.
We walked around, the mini had to be a filly or mare. If a mare, she must not be bred...the new owner was not looking to raise minis, just a companion for her current one.
Miss Peach caught her eye. She walked up and wanted all to be petted, and the decision was made.
The following week I loaded Miss Peach into the MiniVan and off we went.
There was still some feed in the pan in the minivan from my picking up Sunny (previous post), from Ole Country Roads north of Bloomington. After Miss Peach finished the last of the grain, she started to look around, "Okay, so where's the rest of the feed. I'm hungry still!!"
Lucky for Miss Peach she noticed the MacDonald's Happy Meal still in the front seat. 
"Yum, yum, now that's more like it!!"
Miss Peach made short work of the burger and fries, then wanted to know "Where's the shake?"
Opps, too late, we had arrived.
Out she went and into the barn to meet her new 
This this will be a great friendship and adventure for Miss Peach.

(BTW: Miss Peach is out of Toad Hill's Buttermilk whose photos are just below this post.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Buttermilk's Registration Photos

In 2009 Buttermilk was permanently registered in AMHR at 33 inches. The registry requires four photos so here are three of them.First the rear shot, simply because I can put this text to the right of the photo.

I did not clip her before this photo and to be sure she is much more pretty in person. And she is a darling when it comes to disposition. She is always the first to come up and wait to be petted.

Buttermilk was named after Dale Evans horse. She was almost pure white with dark mane and tail when born.

Buttermilk's sire:
Toad Hill's Ivanhoe who was sired by Sprague's Buckeye (30.25") out of Koch's My Angel Baby (32.5")

Buttermilk's Dam
Ventura's Smiling Waters was sired by Circle S Heza Dandy (28") out of Ventura's Smiley Face (29.5")

Monday, September 6, 2010

Several Miniature Horse Chariots

This year there have been a few chariots offered for sale. I have pulled all these into one blog which I will add to as others come up.
This first chariot was used in the 2009 Nationals and the owner took 1st place - National Champion in Chariots. She looked great in a long, white tunic with a flashy grey dapple (I think it was dapple based on video) mare with white feather atop her halter. 
The ad for this chariot was found both on Little Beginnings and on the owner's facebook (September 6, 2010):

National champion at 2009 AMHR nationals in both open and amateur single chariot. White with stain wood shafts and wheels. Ready to show now! Well balanced, safe, sturdy. Wood and plastic, no fiberglass. Can easily add team pole (not included). $1200"

This next chariot appeared in August, 2010. Follow the link to my full blog post on this one.
The owner writes:
"This is a stunning chariot for miniature horses. You can have one horse or 3 across (comes with needed attachments). All metal. Body has been repainted recently, new tires, new no flat inserts, new interchangeable logos, always kept indoors. Flag holders on either side. This is the nicest and most sturdy chariot I have ever come across and it is not heavy!"

If any more chariots go on the market, I will try to post them here too.

This is an update: October 28, 2010 This chariot was posted for sale on lilbeginnings. 

"Think the Chariot class looks like fun at Nationals?  Here is a chariot ready to go!
Fiberglass bucket designed by Dale Lutke with wooden shafts and wheels.  Adjustable shaft height to fit Minis or Shetlands.  Very good condition. 
Delivery available to Glen Rose, TX later this weekend or to ASPC/AMHR Convention in Little Rock, AR next week!"

To check if it is still available try:  http://www.strasslein.com/sales.htm

DISCLAIMER: I do not receive any compensation for putting these chariots on my blog. Nor do I assume any responsibility for quoted descriptions or additional information about them. I do not endorse their quality or construction, so if you buy one, talk to the owner for details and warranties.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silver Belt Buckle with Chariot Image on it

I was at Yolo Papers blog:

Mike writes:
"I have acquired the pictured silver belt buckle and have questions. It's one of those large (4 inches by 3 inches) and very well made belt buckles similar to those cowboys earn for bull riding or calf roping or bronc riding at major rodeos. This one, however, pictures two running horses, PULLING A CHARIOT!
I know there are chariot races held throughout the West and have searched the Web high and low and cannot locate a name that fits SRRA. The buckle is dated 1983 on the front. It was manufacured in German silver by the Montana Silversmiths of Columbus, Mont. My contact with them was brief, to the point of rudeness and completely helpless.
So, I'm turning to my reader with two questions:
1. What is the meaning of SRRA? 2. What does "1st Aged" mean?"

My curiosity has also been aroused. Can anyone help Mike?

There was a comment posted by another reader, Brenda. Brenda if you are reading this, may I have permission to paste your commends about your miniatures and the racing your kids to with chariots.

Just comment on this blog or email me directly at:


Intermountain Horse Racing 
I have posted the link to this club because they have have a section on Chariot Racing...these include horses of all sizes.

Another website referring to January, 2010 chariot races:

February, 2011 - Plan for next winter
Jackson Hole Cutter Races (chariot races)