Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is it?? Is it really getting to be spring?

So the weather has been great, almost a record high yesterday. Over the weekend I took several horses up to the trainers in preparation for the show season. I also took one home.

The one I took home is SID. Yeap, little Sid is the now two year old stallion with fantastic breeding. I also managed to get some video of him. See below: 

The weather was beautiful but very windy, that's what you hear in the background. Other pages related to Sid are:

Here is his pedigree:

Sire: Lucky Four Rebels Regency's 

           (Grand Sire: Sids Rebel (31.0) 
Grand Dam: Lucky Fours Star Spangled (33.5)

Dam: Mustardseeds Legionaire Apache Gal  

(Grand Sire: Flying W Farms Legionaire(30.25", AMHA) by Flying W Farms Sugarfoot (28.00", AMHA) out of Flying W Farms Lizette (32.00") 

(Grand Dam: San Antonois Foxey Lady (32.00", AMHA) by Del Whistler (30.50", AMHA) out of Joy of Hopewell (32.00", AMHA)

Check out what Lucky Four Rebels Regency's other offspring are selling for at auctions and then make an offer on Sid. As a two year old, he could be shown or used on a couple mares this year. He is only AMHA registered. If I wanted to show him in Illinois I would have to AMHR register him and that costs quite a bit.

UPDATE on SID: April, 2010. Sid was AMHR registered and kept at home for breeding. He was bred to two mares. I still have too many stallions but will wait until 2010 to decide which one to sell.

Boone's Buckeroo Fancy Pants

The other set of videos were of Boone's Buckeroo Fancy Pants. Fancy is for sale. I took him from the field where he was with two mares all winter, took him to the trainers just before noon, had the trainer clip him, I took the movies and brought him home and put him back in with the mares.

Oh, Fancy is really easy to load, and even will jump into my van when I want to take him somewhere. Fancy is a beautifully colored blue roan. You can see other photos of him on the following pages:

Fancy has been bred to two mares at Toad Hill for 2009 foals. ( will be shown this 2010)

I have to apologize for the movies. I never owned a video camera before, but this weekend I went out a bought one because my still camera stopped working. Then between reading instructions I took these movies. Then there was the challenge figuring out how to upload them to YouTube. Hopefully I will get better at taking videos, but for now they are jumpy.