Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Can You Do With a MINI?

People ask, what can you do with a mini?
Here's one example of what you can do.
Description Translated by Google from YouTube.
Fourteen girls from youth riding Urmoneit in Franconia Ebersbach tension ponies before their unicycles and go to great music an extraordinary quadrille.

On numerous riding sporting events such as the gala show horse Bodensee in Friedrichshafen or the top gala show in Nuremberg fascination Horse dance troupe impressed with their performance, the audience is probably unique
Link to video:
Video uploaded June 28, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miniature Horse in Lion Costume

This is one of my most favorite videos of a mini.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Virtual Chariot Ride

A Virtual Chariot Ride
2012 Reserve National Champion

Posted by Douglasgnapier...Published on Sep 15, 2012

2012 AMHR nationals tulsa ok
http://WWW.Kuelqhs.COM for more horse stuff

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stetson and his BFF

Stetson was placed in a fabulous home, you can read about at:

Stetson has always enjoyed attention and loves to be ridden. We know because while here, he would run up to the kids who wanted to ride him.

He knew what they were here for and he loved the attention.

So here is Stetson now, at his new home in Indiana Stetson where he gets lots of attention and love.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So you missed the class and do not know who the winners were...NO PROBLEM!!!
LINK to Show Results:

Remember, there is a one day delay between the class and results getting up online.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fanastic Photos of Chariots Found in Facebook

Someone posted this photo of  miniature horses pulling a chariot on my wall in Facebook.
I was able to track down the source: Kampfwagenrennen - BEN HUR LIVE on a Facebook page and are Copyrighted by Andrea Reitthaler (Reitthaler Andrea '08). They are great action photos and Andrea does a fanastic job of capturing the details in all her photos.
In addition the event and her photograph provide a careful study of the various chariots and Roman uniforms of the drivers may help other miniature horse owners that want to show in chariot class an idea for designing their chariots.

Also if you check out the Kampfwagenrennen Facebook site you can read more about the event.
There is also a website where the story about the Das Kampfwagenrennen Chariot Race in 2010 and prior events were held.
If you google videos kampfwagenrennen you will also find a great many video on YouTube with costumes and events include chariot races.
This link will take you to the opening parade (it is only a segment of the event) but there are lots of Roman costumes.

Kampfwagenrennen Pfaffenhofen 2008 XII 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hot Weather Breaksfast for Minis/ Cool Water Ritchie Water

It's always a challenge to keep your minis (or any animal) cool when the weather gets above 95 degrees. I have discovered several ways in addition to those you read on the internet.

What to feed them to keep them cool? My horses breaksfast on a special gourment delight seen to the right. It may be a little hard to see the but the horses know. It is about 3/4 pound of alfafha/grass hay, with a fresh watermelon slice garnished with a sprinkling of oats. Nourishing and tasty the herd is ready for breakfast.
Coming towards her breaksfast is the foal, Neyitira. Behind her is the two year old Kissed by an Angel, then Neyitira's dam- Summer Breeze, the little colt Dyn-O-Mite and several more.

After the meal they like to loaf in the open shelter, complete with a Ritchie Combo Unit. This automatic water insures cool fresh water  that both the mares and foals can access.

Just word about these Ritchie waterers. They stopped making this model..I do not know why...I have three of them and by next week a fourth. They are the right height for adult minis, too high to poop in but just right for all the smallest minis. The low waterer are great for the short ones and the foals. I can keep horses on both sides, because the other side has the same configuration.
Clean, fresh, cool water and in the winter you can adjust to the perfect  warm water for the horses.
Ritchie, in my mine you  blew it when you stopped production on this model!!

One more photo, below is Rebel (Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir) hanging out with his new friend, ZeePa, the black Russian terrier.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Toad Hill's June Bug

Toad Hill's June Bug - 2012

June Bug was foals 6/12/2006. She is registered AMHA/AMHR.
Link to foals:
Toad Hill's Dyn-O-Mite
Toad Hill's Mint Julep

                       Stout's Blackberry 30.5"
            S Bar P's Sir Prince (HOF) 32.25"
                        S Bar P;s Missy Mistry of Marion 33"
Sire: Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby 33.25"
                          Little Hoof's Midget Mite 31"
              Koch's My Angel 32.5"
                         Koch's Little Brandy 36"

                         X Calibers Little Navajo 31.5"
              HCM Navajos Bold Innovation 32"
                         NFC Tiny Mites Delight 33/5"
Dam: Klavohn's Oreo Delight 32.5"
                         Star's Sunburst 28"
              Klavoh's D. Q. Double Delight 31"
                         Sunshine Sweet & Low 28"

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Thundering Herd

This is a compilation of three photos of a several of my black and white pintos running then turned it into an animated gif.

From front to back:
Weaning filly....Summer Breeze's 2012 foal.
Weaning colt....Kiss Me Kate's 2012 foal
Mare. Kiss Me Kate
Mare. Summer Breeze
Stallion..Rebelchase Rebelheir
Weaning Filly (You just barely see her head, last horse)...Faerie Queen

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Bugs 2012 Colt-Dyn-O-Mite

Photos: 7/1/2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Little colt will be registered as:
Toad Hill's Dyn-O-Mite!
Back to the birth announcement:
Gone all day, come home and June Bug had a little surprise by her side. The little kid is really small, will have measure him
The little kid was able to walk under his mom. She is about 34" tall but he did not seem to have any trouble going under.

Here he is all standing up straight, looking into the camera.

As soon as I figure out a name, he will be registered both AMHA and AMHR. He was foaled June 6, 2012.
Dell Tera's Checkers
Dell Tera's Low Rider
Dell Tera Sarah Lee
Foxfire's Picture Perfect
Foxfire's Fire Ball
S Bar's P's Sir Prince (HOF)
Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby
Koch's My Angel Baby
Toad Hill's June Bug
HCM Navajos Bold Innovation
Klavohn's Oreo Delight
Klavohn's D. Q. Double Delight
 Photo Taken June 7, 2012

 Photo Taken July, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tovero Foal? - Got that Right!!

Miniature Horse
Toad Hill's Ghost Buster

Photos 2014

Photos from September, 2013

Photo Taken: 9/09/2012 - The coat has finally shed...he is JET BLACK!!
He is heterozygous for Tobiano.   The photos below are when he was about a week old in "baby hair."
Last night (May 16th), I got up before 10 pm to check on horses before going to bed. One on the lawn, almost exactly where Willow had foaled was Katey with a very long legged "tovero" (I think she may have both LWO and tobinao genes, will test for both) foal.

Since we did not have Fancy Pants around (the sire of her first three foals) last year, we decided to breed her to Avalanche, a LWO overo, 33.5 inches. Now Katey is 32" and it did worry me, but I was assured by vets she should be okay, since the mare biologically controls the size of the fetus.

I was very surprised to see such a tall little guy. Can't believe how all those legs fit inside little Katey.
Does this foal have a medicine hat, only one ear is black, the other is white.
                                AMHA: WINTER KNIGHT MMR 32.50"   
                 COLORWORLDS NEON KNIGHT 33.00"                  
                                AMHA: SUNKIST GOLDEN GIRL 30.00"   
SIRE: Mini Bucks Avalanche 33.00"   - FRAME OVERO                                         
                                                OH CISCO 33.50"
                                CIRCLE S CISCO'S KID 32.00"       
                                                JUMPIN MISS NO FLASH 35.75"
                                 HACKETT'S TINI TONI 30.00"     
                MINI BUCKS MIDNIGHT SKY 34.00"                         
                                S BAR P'S MISSY MISTY OF MARION 33.00"         
                                                AMHA: RAINBOW RIDGES STARBURST CODY 30.50"
                                WF FLASHY BOY 32.00" 
                                                CIRCLE S MISSY 34.00"
                 TOAD HILL'S OREO 32.00"                           
                                                UNREGISTERED SIRE
                                QUINCY MADE CAMEO 34.00"  
                                                UNREGISTERED DAM
DAM: Toad Hill's Kiss Me Kate 32.25"    TOBIANO                                  
                                                AMHA: RAINBOW RIDGES STARBURST CODY 30.50"
                                WF FLASHY BOY 32.00" 
                                                CIRCLE S MISSY 34.00"
                 TOAD HILL'S WIND IN THE WILLOWS 36.50"                        
                                                UNREGISTERED SIRE
                                 QUINCY MADE PATCHWORKS 37.00"    
                                                QUINCY MADE EMILY 36.50"
With all the excitement, little kid takes a nap with Katey watching over her.

NOTE: As I was creating this post I received a call from Cindy, a lady I had sole Toni Terrific, an all black mare to. She was all excited, Toni had her first foal...a filly last night as well. The sire: Avalance, the same as Katey's foal. Must have been a three some that night. I will go up tomorrow and get photos of Toni's foal to post under Avalanche's post.  :-)

Sire: Mini Bucks Avalanche. His sire is Colorworld's Neon Knight and his dam is Mini Bucks Midnight Sky.
Dam: Toad Hill's Wind in the Willows

More recent photos

Photos June 5, 2012

Colt and Filly Meet the Peacocks

More Photos: Sept. 09, 2012

Summer Breeze's First Foal- She's a Filly!!

July 30, 2012: NEWS FLASH!!
This filly is:

Horse Name




Toad Hill's Princess Neytiri

Miniature Horse



This means she is HOMOZYGOUS for Tobiano and HOMOZYGOUS for Black.
Photos: July 5, 2013

Original Post: June 5, 2012

Toad Hill's Summer Breeze has her first foal.  Summer Breeze was not scheduled to foal for at least another month I thought, but you never know what the mare wanted to do. She was in a pasture with three other bred mares and two fillies. Got up about 5 am to start chores before going to work and there was a small pinto by the feeder with Summer, her filly and two other mares. I quickly escorted her and the foal out of the pen and onto the lawn.

One thing I have noticed, foals born on pasture (or lawn) are more active and alert than barn stall born ones.

Anyway, YEAH Summer!!!, this FILLY is perfectly marked.

Looks almost exactly like mom on one side and conformation looks just like daddy, Rebel.
Filly 1 day old.

More photos to come.

Sire: Lucky Four RebelChase RebelHeir
Dam: Toad Hill's Summer Breeze
June 5, 2012

Photos Taken: June 5, 2012

PHOTOS TAKEN 7/30/2012