Friday, June 15, 2012

The Thundering Herd

This is a compilation of three photos of a several of my black and white pintos running then turned it into an animated gif.

From front to back:
Weaning filly....Summer Breeze's 2012 foal.
Weaning colt....Kiss Me Kate's 2012 foal
Mare. Kiss Me Kate
Mare. Summer Breeze
Stallion..Rebelchase Rebelheir
Weaning Filly (You just barely see her head, last horse)...Faerie Queen

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Bugs 2012 Colt-Dyn-O-Mite

Photos: 7/1/2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Little colt will be registered as:
Toad Hill's Dyn-O-Mite!
Back to the birth announcement:
Gone all day, come home and June Bug had a little surprise by her side. The little kid is really small, will have measure him
The little kid was able to walk under his mom. She is about 34" tall but he did not seem to have any trouble going under.

Here he is all standing up straight, looking into the camera.

As soon as I figure out a name, he will be registered both AMHA and AMHR. He was foaled June 6, 2012.
Dell Tera's Checkers
Dell Tera's Low Rider
Dell Tera Sarah Lee
Foxfire's Picture Perfect
Foxfire's Fire Ball
S Bar's P's Sir Prince (HOF)
Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby
Koch's My Angel Baby
Toad Hill's June Bug
HCM Navajos Bold Innovation
Klavohn's Oreo Delight
Klavohn's D. Q. Double Delight
 Photo Taken June 7, 2012

 Photo Taken July, 2012