Friday, October 10, 2008

More Rosie

The kids were out today, a really sunny day. Rosie is in front. Slate is behind, and behind Slate is Stetson (my monster mini-- he's about 40 inches tall).
To the right of Rosie is Link.

Rosie is a lot smaller than Lincoln. With all her winter coat you can barely tell she has a palomino color under all that cremello coat.
Rosie looks solid cremello in most of the photos I have now that she has her winter coat. I tried clipping her head to show off the medicine hat.

The foal photos do not really show off Rosie's color so I have included one of her when she was younger.

Rosie has a medicine hat (but her ears are cremello), color around the sides of her muzzle, and from her neck down to between the front legs. Unfortunately with her fur now, you really can't tell the color from the cremello base. Her mom is behind her (Toad Hill's High Octane) who is a solid.

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