Thursday, June 23, 2011

Touched by an Angel is Growing Up

Now a yearling, this little filly is beginning to look more like her mommy every day. She is now 33.25 inches tall and her projected mature height should be about 34.5 - 36 inches.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Woven Basket Chariot - Bo's Ready for Chariot Class at Tulsa

Bo Step has done it again. Always trying to recreate what is most like the original first chariots, Bo has designed and built a chariot that is woven of reed and willow. So now may I present Step N High's 2010 chariot....drum roll please.
 The wheels, floor and shafts are all wood stained and varnished....drat mine is supposed to be like that too. Every one will think I copied that. I especially like the two tone die on the reeds.

I had to include an interior close up of the frame showing how the shafts for this chariot were connected.

And here is the interior of one of Bo's other chariots...
If you want to see more of Bo's chariots you can look at the label Chariot to the left and also click on the words in the next line to get to his website:

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Stetson is the first horse born under the Toad Hill name. He was shown in 2002 as a yearling by Brenda Plass and during the first year of showing he was entered at 4 shows won 4 Grand Champions and 4 Reserve Grand Champion...and then we pulled him from the show circuit and based upon the trainers recommendation gelded him. The following year he went oversize and was never shown again.
Hall of Fame Category: Halter
Points From 2002: 36
Grand Champion wins: 4
Reserve Champion Yearly Gelding,Over and Reserve Multi-Color Gelding Over
Shown Exclusively by Brenda Plass

We have had him on the farm ever since. In 2008 a neighbor, 16 year old girl, who was showning in competition a dressage horse spent the summer training Stetson for riding. She said if she could show him the next year, she would train him in dressage. Well, the next summer she found a job and could not fit Stetson into her busy schedule.

A couple years later we sent him to Arthur, he was getting fat and needed someone to exercise him. Daniel, our young Amish trainer kept him for the summer. He was ridden and exposed to driving. But it was obvious to Daniel that Stetson is a riding horse and he really did not like pulling a cart.
He has been here since, but once again is getting fat. He needs a home where kids will ride him so he is reluntantly being offered for sale.

Stetson is a hard worker, he helps with everything around the house. He is used to being on the lawn (fenced in) but supervises all jobs such as fixing the riding mower, unloading wood for the fireplace or paint a house.
To see more photos check out: PICASA WEB
Stetson has been placed in a wonderful home with a POA, a couple minis, a couple of kids and their 14 nieces, nephews who come to play with the horses. He will be shown in fun shows in Indiana. Photos to come soon.

Thank YOU Brenda for recommending they give me a call.

UPDATE June 21, 2012
Stetson has a great home with the owner having two kids and 14 nieces and nephews to play with. He also has two other minis, a POA and a larger horse as companions.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Apache Gals Foal

Apache Gal decided it was time to have her foal early this morning. I have to admit it is one of the smallest foals ever born at Toad Hill but what do you expect when the sire is 29" and the mare is 32.5"? This little foal is well portioned and has a definite black strip down her back. Can't tell if she has roaning but is definitely not a true black.

We finally got around to checking and see whether new foal is filly or colt. He's a colt, and I do not have name yet..but it will come to me. So far the only photo of this colt is him at a day old.

Mustardseed Legionaires Apache Gal is a 32.5", 23 year old mare. Her sire is: Flying W Farms Legionaire (30.25") and her dam is San Antonios Foxey Lady (32").
Apache Gal's previous foal was Toad Hill's Sids Rebel Legionaire and he measured 29.5" as a two year old.
The Apache Kid is now a yearling. This photo was taken June, 2012.
Here's a different angle.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Willows 2011 Foal

IT"S official: Merlin is Homozyous paint, homozygous black. All his foals should be black pintos (assuming your mare does not have dilution and other factors).
Date Received: 10/12/2012
Horse Name Breed Tobiano RFactor
Toad Hill's Merlin
Miniature Horse

Spent the weekend at the Ionia, Michigan miniature horse show.
We enjoy the show  the Mid-Michigan club puts on but it is a long drive and we have to leave the mares alone during our foaling season.
We generally do not breed the mares to have March or April foals since the weather is so unpredictable.
And, I have come to the conclusion that for mares, having their foals outside, on the lawn is the most natural for them. We have fewer problems when they foal in "the wild."

While we were gone, on Saturday my grandson who takes care of the horses while I am gone, called to say there was a black and white mare with a new foal, and it looks just like her. He thought the mare was Willow. 
He was right...this little foal does look color wise very much like a Willow foal. The proud dad is Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir.
I have decided to call this little colt: Toad Hill's Merlin.
Willow's Pedigree:
Sire: WF Flashy Boy
Dam: Quincy Made Patchworks
Toad Hill's Merlin - Photos taken May 23, 2012
Special Delivery, Merlin and Apache Kid playing

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Darling

Toad Hill's Buttermilk had a lovely little colt this morning about 4:00 am on the lawn. It seems to me that letting the mares foal on the lawn is really the best. Certainly much more natural than foaling in the barn. On the lawn their instincts seem to kick in and the foals are up and nursing so much sooner than when in the barn. When I choose this way to let them foal, I try to make sure they have a companion mare with them and plenty of room to locate a secluded spot to foal.
This photo was taken about a hour after the foal was born.

BELOW: Photo of Buttermilk and Colt taken June 20, 2011