Thursday, March 6, 2008

Toad Hill's Summer Breeze (2007)

Summer Breeze was foaled in 2007. Her sire is Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby and her dam is Toad HIll's Wind in the Willows (2002 National Champion). Good ole' Willow has produced another black and white pinto that has the potential to be a color champion.
While I know we can show her to Top Ten, I am considering selling her since. If you are interested send an email and we can discuss it.

I know I should keep her, she is a close match to Kate and if she stays the same size I could end up with a matched pair. Only time will tell.
You have to admit, foals are cute and I hate to think of parting with any of them, but since I only have 10 acres I need to watch the number.

Toad Hill's Summer Breeze
Photos Taken June 29, 2012 after her first foal, a filly!

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