Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nationals - Tulsa 2008

While we chose not to take horses all the way to Tulsa, we did go down there to experience the five day long event.One of the events we watched was costume contest. I am sure there were several classes and we did not see all of them, but I thought I would post some of the pictures. If you are wondering if a three year old child can show a horse, pay attention to the size of some of the exhibitors. Naturally local shows have even more liberal classes and if they can walk and mom goes with them, even the youngest of kids can show in this class and lead line (where the kids ride and the horse is lead by an adult).

While there many good entries, I am not that good a photographer so I only have a few. Let's start with the Aliens (above)...this was a real crew!!!.

There were four aliens clad in black, the youngest was about three. Please note that alien at the end of the group. You really need a close up of this critter.

Yeap, that's a mini under all that corded baling twine. This was one of the winners in the class, no wonder...the flying saucer even blew smoke out.

Another crew had a little black mini pulling a pirate ship, and the crew included a youngster in a wheel chair. (Mini shows are equal opportunity, and there are classes for everyone..)

What costume contest would be complete without a princess. Naturally there was a little girl in a "princess style" dress carrying gifts, probably going to a birthday is my guess.

The last two photos (below) are of the same entry. As we walked around the stalls before the costume class we saw this unusual looking mini "zebra?" I did not know that they showed zebras at a miniature horse show. Later in the costume class this little guy was lead in by a youngster in safari gear.

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