Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Official -2010 All Stars Top Ten

2010 All Stars - AMHR Division A
National Champion (1st Place) 34" and under
  • Multi-Color Stallion and Gelding - Toad Hill's Spots and Dots
  • Multi-Color Mare - Toad Hill's Little Dove
Owned, Bred and Shown by Exhibitor:
  • 2nd place - Toad Hill's Little Dove
  • 3rd place - Toad Hill's Spots and Dots
And AMHR Yearling Stallion - 32" and under:
In 9th place: Toad Hill's Spots and Dots (he was not entered in many of these classes so this was a nice bonus)
Above Spots and Dots in front, 
Little Dove behind
Toad Hill's Little Dove
Toad Hill's Little Dove

Little Doves Sire: Toad Hill's Paint Me Picasso

  • 2002 National All Star Champion Multi-Color Mare Over
  • 2007 National All Star Champion Produce of Dam
  • 2009 Reserve National All Star Champion Produce of Dam
Little Dove's Dam: Mustardseed Legionaire Apache Gal, AMHA-AMHR - 30.25

Apache Gal's Sire: Flying W Farms Legionaire (30.25" AMHA) by Flying W Farms Sugarfoot (28", AMHA) out of Flying W Farms Lizette (32")

Apache Gal's Dam: San Antonois Foxey Lady (32", AMHA) by Del Whistler (30.5", AMHA) out of Joy of Hopewell (32", AMHA)
Toad Hill's Spots and Dots
Toad Hill's Spots and Dots
Horse Name: Spots and Dots
Tobiano T T

Sire: Boones Buckeroo Fancy Pants - 29.50" , Sired by Boones Little Buckero Megabucks (HOF) out of A A Fancy Girl, blue roan
Dam: Toad Hill's Kiss Me Kate - 30.25"
  •  2007 National All Star Champion Multi-Color Mare Under
  • Shown to win  2007 National Champion All Star Produce of Dam for Willow-
Kate's Sire: Toad Hill's Oreo (black pinto)
  • 2002 National All Star Champion Multi-Color Mare Over
  • 2007 National All Star Champion Produce of Dam
  • 2009 Reserve National All Star Champion Produce of Dam
Thanks to
Franke Photo Design, LLC
Who took these photos at the H. A. M. E. this summer. I was extremely happy with the way their photos turned out.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Didn't Know Fancy Only Spoke Amish!

Fancy Pants was delivered to Wendy's home after Thanksgiving, 2010. Wendy plans on showing him in driving in 2011 and also using him as one of her breeding stallions.
After a week at her house Fancy was taken to training facility where he could be driven in doors. Fancy was used as a "school bus" by five Amish kids several years ago and is "bomb proof." But that was almost four years ago since he was driving. At Toad Hill he was not used for driving.
So everyone at the training facility was very surprised when after hitching him up and saying "Walk On" they got nothing from Fancy but a dirty look. Fancy stood his ground, looked back as if to say "Do you know what your doing?"
After leading him around, and a lot of "clucking" he finally started responding a little. Consensus was that Fancy did not know the correct commands, and one of the trainers suggested that perhaps Fancy only speaks Amish.
Wendy and crew decided that was enough for one day. Wendy got home and as the Microsoft ad says: "To the Cloud."  
She looked up Amish driving commands and came up with: "Step Walk", "Step Trot" etc. Next day, she tried these commands and Fancy went right to work.
Comments below are from:

Toad Hill's Black Jack

On Wednesday, December 28th I finally got the grandson to help hold horses for their photos. He's not too good at standing them, so these are the best I could get at the time.  I had planned to have a friend come over and take better photos Friday, but Thursday we had 50 degree weather and a lot of rain, so by Friday the place was a mess, the horses were all looking soggy, and the weather was down to freezing again. Strange weather this year.

Apple Jack is a really darling black mini with a large star on his face who will stay under 34 inches. He is a bright, blue eyed colt. I often refer to his blue eyes as: "Piercing blue eyes" a phrase I first hear on the PBS Brit Comedy "As Time Goes By."

Apple Jack is true black and has a splash of white on his tail and with three white feet.
I will try to get better photos as time allows. Black Jack and his buddy Apple Jack are both scheduled for gelding January 19, 2011. If you want a stallion, you need to let me know quickly.