Sunday, February 15, 2009

WinterBlog 2008-Dec

It seems like every winter I forget to photo the horses. Yesterday it was minus 19 when I got up and it felt okay since there was no wind. Horses seemed fine but I have wondered, do their feet get cold like my fingers and toes? Looked it up on the web but did not find a definitive answer. Anyway, this morning it was warmer, 9 degrees above but 25 to 30 miles per hour winds and it felt much colder than the previous day. To get the foals (now yearlings) out running around I opened a second pasture for them to explore. It's funny how a new area to roam makes minis playful. I only stayed out long enough to snap a couple photos, but will go out later and add more this post. For now what you see below is Toni Terrific, Rosie (Run for the Roses), and Slate prancing around. Yes we finally decided what to name Toni.
Below you see Link (Toad Hill's Lincoln Award) with Rosie in the background. Behind on the other side of the fence is Mocha Joe and Sandy Beach
. Went to feed mares in the evening and snapped a couple more shots...there are eight mares in this field and when I feed them, there generally are four on each are the four rumps on the west side of the building. From left to right they are T H Stormy Weather, T H Buttermilk, Excalibers Typhoon Queen and Mustardseeds Legionairre Apache Gal (the southern mare from SC). Below is Apache Gal...turning back as if to say: "What ya looking at?" If you notice, she has a shaved belly. Seems earlier in the fall she started acting like she was uncomfortable. If you've owned livestock (horses, cattle, sheep) for any time, you can tell when they are not feeling well. Apache Gal had that look, so I took her immediately to U of I Vet School for an exam. They ultrasounded, hence the haircut, on both sides and still did not know what was wrong. Gut sounds were normal but just in case I left her there and they put her on an IV later in the day. They kept her for 36 hours before she cut loose with diarreha. After that, another day at U of I and then home. No big deal, I probably could have taken care of her at home, but any more I don't even wait especially since Apache Gal is 20 years old.
Below are T H Paint Me Picasso and T H Rust Spot. I bought a large metal building on skids and installed it this year for the stallions. Really love it and the stallions appreciate it also.
These two seem to be outside running and playing every day, seems they love cold weather and playing in the snow.