Monday, May 25, 2009

Fancy Pants - The Transformation

March, 2009 - Fancy after being clipped and in better condition.
February, 2009 - Fancy with head and neck clipped. By the way, someone asked about his teeth. Judge for yourself by clicking on this link to see them.
Summer, 2008 - Fancy after shedding out, but very overweight. Still, you have admit, he is a nicely colored blue roan with black points. It's hard to believe this mini is the same one as in the next photo after this one.
Tail of the Biggest Loser:
Since coming to Toad Hill, Fancy Pants has undergone a wonderful transformation. When I first went down to photograph Fancy, it was late evening in November. He was owned by an Amish family and was in full winter coat. I was photographing him for registration papers. I was able to get Fancy registered in both AMHA and AMHR, the biggest challenge beening the photographs. These were taken at night, in a barn with generated power since the Amish do not use electricity. After taking the photos I drove back home in a driving snow storm and it took three hours to go what would usually take only 90 minutes.

Below is one of the registration photos that was taken that night.

As an Amish mini Fancy learned a trade as a driving horse. You can read about that at this link.
Fancy was bred once in 2006 while down in Arthur. I have tried to find records of any offspring prior to his time in Arthur, but have been unable in either AMHA or AMHR stud books. This little guy at least was proof that Fancy can through blue roans.
Fast forward to 2009. Fancy has two foals on the ground this year. Follow the links to see a solid, possibly roan filly and the other a really colorful colt out of T. H. Kiss Me Kate .
The request for a DNA kit has been sent into AMHA. It appears that previous owners did not bother since they did not bred Fancy. I already have put in two AMHA/AMHR mares with Fancy for the 2009 season so getting that paperwork completed is high priority.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Apache Gal's Foal - T. D. Little Dove

Apache Gal had her foal today, Friday morning - May 22. Sire is Toad Hill's Paint Me Picasso. Apache Gal is 20 years and still a great mommy.

First photo, more to come.

Kibbles 2009 Foal - T. D. Pip-Pip Cheerios

On Saturday morning, Kibbles had her foal, sired by Toad Hill's Rusty. This little kid is a buckskin pinto.

Kibbles Before and After

Photos Taken June 2012 
Kibbles is a nice mare, easy to handle but hard to catch. She is an independent mare, but takes good care of her foals. As a matter of fact most of her foals are gentle and love the attendance provided by humans.
Here is a second photo showing her other side. I believe she is in foal about 10 months in this shot.
She doesn't alway look tired, below she is moving towards dinner. (Sorry about the blur below her).
Below is the Original May 24, 2009 Post

Kibbles was bred to Toad Hill's Rusty for a 2009 foal. I took several photos of her several days before she foaled.

Kibbles was foaled 4/14/2003. She has had several nice foals including T. H. Grapenuts and T. H. Lincoln Award.

In 2009 she produced a foal by T. H. Rusty and will be published later on page.

Follow this link to the new foal.

Sire: Spragues Buckeye (AMHR/AMHA 30.25", buckskin). His sire is NFCS Yankee Clipper (AMHA-28.00", sorrel), his dam is 4GS Hemlock Brook Silver Jane (AMRA - 33.50", grey)
Dam: Koch's My Angel Baby (AMHR/AMHA 33.50", chestnut pinto). Her sire is Little Hoof's Midget Mite (AMHR/AMHA 29.75", bay), her dam is Koch's Little Brandy (AMHR 36.00" chestnut)

Photos Taken June 28, 2012

Photos Taken July 21,, 2012 - taken off video

I think Kibbles has a touch of dapple in her.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stormy Foal - T. D. Madame Butterfly

Stormy had her foal on May 15, 2009. Cute little black and white filly. More photos to come.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sorrel Overo Colt- Apple Jack

Excalibur Typhoon Queen, a bay mare had her foal on Cinco de Mayo. When I first saw the colt, he was out in the pasture and I did not want to wake wake him.

This colts stands right up and has that attitude that says he is the one in charge. He is sorrel and has the splash overo face and white stockings. He is very similar to another foal produced by Toad Hill's Rusty. Check out T. H. Blue Water from the same sire. .

While a sure show prospect, he is for sale since I am primarily interested in pintos. His mom, Tyke, will be bred to Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir for a 2010 foal. I"m hoping that the breeding should produce either a bay or black pinto.
More photos will follow of this colt. He is currently offered for $500 when he can be weaned.

Dam: Excaliber's Typhoon Queen, 33.50" AMHR.
Her Sire: Vermilyea Farms Stylish Eclipse (HOF), black was sires by AMHA: NFC Rowdys Stylish Conclusion, 3
1.75" out of AMHA: Silver Queen, 33.50"

Typhoon's Dam: Lear's Lighteningbolt, 34.75" bay, was sires by AMHA: FMA Cheyenne, 33.00" out of AMHA: Kidwells Rosie OGrady.

Update on photos.

Here are some yearling photos of Apple Jack taken early in the fall, 2010 out in the field just "hanging out." As soon as I get better photos I will replace these.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

DQ Foal

We were working in the barn putting in a divider in one of the large horse stall. We knew that that soon some of the mares would be foaling and we wanted to make sure there would be plenty of room.

In walks DQ, lays down and starts to push. "She's going to have a foal," I said. I ushered my assistant out of the stall to let the mare have some "privacy." In less than five minutes, out comes the new arrival.
DQ was bred to Fancy Pants and although I cannot tell for sure yet, I am suspicious the new filly may be a blue roan just like daddy.

The filly is about 20 inches tall, and fine boned. Mom is a black pinto, but pop is a blue roan. This pair has been sold.
DQ's Pedigree:
Sire: HCM Navajos Bold Innovation (33.00") by Calibers LIttle Navajo (AMHA, 31.50") out of NFC Tiny Mites Delight (AMHA, 33.50")
Dam: Klavohn's D. Q. Double Delight (31.00") by Star' Sunburst (28.00") out of Sunshine Sweet & Low (28.00")

Boone's Buckeroo Fancy Pants:
Sire: Boone's Little Buckeroo Megabucks 31.5" (HOF) (Sired by Boone's Little Buckeroo 30.50"(HOF)) out of Dell Tera's Penny 28.25"
Dam: A A Fancy Girl 27.5"
Fancy Pants is shown below, ready to get to work soon.