Sunday, March 2, 2008

Toad Hill's Wind in the Willows

Toad Hill's Wind in the Willows (AMHR) was the 2002 National Champion All Stars Multi-Color Mare Over. The photo to the left is Willow the year she won the title.

Willow has consistantly produced nicely colored foals. Included among her produce are Phantom, Kiss Me Kate, Picasso, and Breeze.

All Willow's foals have been black and white pintos with the exception of Phantom who is a dapple grey pinto. I suspect that he is a base black but the dappling covers it. Willow is expected to foal in May and it is likely that foal will be for sale or we may decide to sell her 2007 filly (photo below). She is bred to Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby (AMHA, AMHR). Gatsby is the sire of Picasso, Phantom and Breeze.

In 2008 Willow won the National Champion Produce of Dam. Her two offspring that were shown that year were Toad Hill's Paint Me Picasso and Toad Hill's Kiss Me Kate. Both were also National Champions in the multi-color class. When you think of mares, I believe you can say that Willow is one of the top producers of multi-color champions. As of this blog she has produced three in that class. We will not be showing any of her offspring in 2009 because last year we showed four horses and this year are relaxing a little. However next year, who knows...with Willow just having another great looking foal, we may be back and show in produce, color and get of sire as well. We currently own Kate, Picasso, Summer Breeze and new foal. Phantom (her 2006 champion) was sold to DeLynn Decker in Provo, Utah and will become a therapy horse. Good luck Phantom!!

To the left is a included a photo of her 2007 filly, Toad Hill's Summer Breeze. Breeze who is now a year old (I edited this blog in May, 2008) is looking even better and next yer most likely will be shown.
Willow's pedigree is below.

Sire: WF Flashy Boy
Dam: Quincy Made Patchworks

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