Friday, March 21, 2008

Ionia Auto Show

As mentioned in the previous blog, we were at Ionia, Michigan for the first weekend in June 2007 for the Mid-Michigan show. As it
would happen there also was a free antique auto show on the main street of the town. Most of the cars built were between 1920's and 1980's.

The first car, a Ford, was most interesting because it also had a set of tools with it. It was interesting to see the tire pump that looked like a bicycle puump among the tools for a car.

Unfortunately I did not record the make and model year for each of the vehicles, but the car on the top, left is a shiny red Ford with it's hood up. The truck on the left is a Ford and I would guess it to be a mid 1950's model. I used to drive a Chevie that looked similiar.

The blue car below was parked in front of Kitty's Cafe and had a matching trailer behind. It reminded me of a Dodge, but can't tell for sure.
Perhaps someone can verify the red car on the right. I believe it is a Ford and the wheels on it are similar to a set of wheels I have at home from a Ford.

While there where over fifty cars at the show, the one I liked the best is the last one on this post. I believe it would fit in the category of the "Hot Rod." No way in the world I could guess what the make was, but the chrome and fancy paint job with flames certainly made this one stand out from the others.

I promise, next time I go to a car show, I will keep a list of the makes and models.

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