Monday, December 26, 2011

Labor Day Adventures

Had some free time on Labor Day and decided to take some photos. Yes, I know it is really the holiday season, but this is the first time I had a week off and time to catch up on my posts and photos.
Fancy Pants was home after a busy summer at Wendy's. She had him driving most of the time but  also provided him with quite a few ladies to court when he was not working.
Madame Butterfly below was poising for her permanent registration photos. With some many mares and stallions and the lousy economy I had to cut back so several nice mares were not bred this year.
We did have some nice foals this year however. Below you can see Wind in the Willows with her newest offspring, Merlin.

Another foal this year gave use quite a scare. Graham below is checking out a visitor, Marley. Graham caught a form of pneumonia and was sick for a couple weeks. Fully recovered now he is just one of the guys.
The last foal of the season was also the last foal that Apache Gal will ever give us. We are calling him the Apache Kid, his mom passed away at 23 years old after weaning her foal at five months old. We will miss her.

T. H. Madame Butterfly

We often have neighbors come by and want to visit with the minis. Not everyone has the property to own their own horses, but still they love to visit. This little girl walked around with her mom and was followed by Butterfly the entire time. We put a halter on her, and let the little girl sit on Butterfly and then walk her around.
Her mom sent us this photo of the two together. Just thought I would share.

Below photos of Madame Butterfly on 12/28/2012.
She is AMHR registered at under 34". Great disposition,

Here are some more photos of Madame Butterfly.

Monday, November 21, 2011

More Protection Against Rain

 At 7:20 am I decided it was time to get up and feed the horses. I had taken the day off because the carports were to be coming and I was supposed to also get another automatic waterer installed.
Just as I walked out the door, a workman  came up and asked was this the place for the carports. Yep. And to work they went. Within minutes the frames were being assembled.
 The crew of three knew exactly what to do and within 45 minutes were done with the first one and off to assemble the second one.
 This one will ultimately contain another mini feed bunk.
The second one was completed in even less time since the trees did not interfere with construction.
Once the carport was erected and the fence panels in place, I was able to let the little kids in to check it out.
It looks like they approve, so much so the little horses were all ready to have lunch.
I am sure that the minis will appreciate not having to eat in the rain anymore.

Have to admit the three construction guys were fast and efficient. Considering how quickly things went up, how happy I am with the results I am already thinking about buying another one in the spring, but perhaps bigger.
This is not a commercial, not am I getting anything for saying that I was happy with Carolina Carports, Inc. and would recommend them to my friends.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just What I Need, Another Stallion

So one day I was online and noticed that Sally Stephens of Mini Bucks in Cambridge, Illinois was selling out. In addition I was going through an Overo Phase.
What do you mean Overo Phase?
I decided I would like to bred a perfect Frame Overo. I had already purchased Foxfire's Picture Perfect, but here in practically my backyard was another opportunity to get a frame overo stallion.
So this post is to introduce Mini Bucks Avalanche.
AMHA, AMHR registered, foaled 5/6/2009 this two year old stallion has already been bred to two Toad Hill mares for 2012 foals.
Avalanche is 33" tall and his pedigree is shown below the next photo. Avalanche's sire, Colorworlds Neon Knight is also the sire of one of my other stallions, Toad Hill's Rust Spot.
You should see how nicely Avalanche has matured, he trots around here with his head held high and that beautiful archy neck. I am really very happy with him.

Oh, did I mention also that I bought a frame overo filly also from Sally, shes in the next post.
Winter Knight MMR 32.5" AMHA
SIRE: Colorworlds Neon Knight 33" AMHA/AMHR Red Roan Overo
Sunkit Golden Girl 30" AMHA
Mini Bucks Avalanche
Oh Cisco 33.5" AMHA/AMHR Black Overo
Circle S Cisco's Kid 32" AMHR/AMHA Sorrel Overo
Jumpin Miss No Flash 35.75" Bay
DAM: Mini Bucks Midnight Sky 34" AMHA/AMHR Black
S Bar P's Missy Mistry of Marion 33" AMHA/AMHR
Sire: Colorworlds Neon Knight 33" sired by Winter Knight MMR out of Sunkist Golden Girl.
Dam: Mini Bucks Midnight Sky, 34" sired by Circle S Cisco's Kid, 32" (Sired by Oh Cisco, 33.5" out of Jumpin Miss No Flash, 35.75") out of S Bar P's Missy Misty of Marion, 33".

UPDATE May, 2012
Avalanche is a daddy...he was bred to two mares in 2011, both had foals on the same day.

Sorry but this first photo was in the barn and the filly moved.

Toad Hill's Toni Terrific had a filly.

Toad Hill's Kiss Me Kate had a colt sires by Avalance shown below.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Golden (Hazel or Green) Eyes, Palomino

 Photos Taken 2013

Toad Hill's Golden Kashi - AMHR - ILLINOIS Foaled 2011, Palomino with hazel eyes...tested for Champagne...she is NOT champagne
Kashi's Sire is Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir whose sire is Lucky Four Rebels Chasin Rainbows ( World Futurity Champion, World Top Ten Champion. Sire of World Champions. - source Lucky Four website)

Kashi's Sire is Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir whose sire is Lucky Four Rebels Chasin Rainbows ( World Futurity Champion, World Top Ten Champion. Sire of World Champions. - source Lucky Four website)
Kashi will be 3 years this year and could be shown or bred for some fine looking offspring.
Reduced to $1,200 need to reduce herd.

Scroll to bottom to see the most current photos (2012)
Guess you can say I am a little slow on getting a photo and information out about this filly. So here it is four months later and the best two photos I have are below. Sorry but obviously I am going to have to find some better photos.
Filly was foaled:  June 26, 2011.

Well it took me until December, 2011 before I came up with a  name for this filly....Toad Hill's Golden Kashi. Remember this line of miniatures represent my "Cereal Collection." So here is a baby photo that shows Kashi's color after she was about a couple weeks old.
I was asked if she has eyeliner. Never really paid attention to that, so I had to take a photo to confirm (see below).

Photo taken January 24, 2012 Blue Eyes/Dark Eyeliner

Photos Taken July, 2012

The photo below gives a fairly good photo of Kashi's eyes. They look almost golden to me. She has been DNA tested and is NOT champagne...she is palomino.

Toad Hill's Golden Kashi's breeding is below:

Mare's breeding:

Sire: Spragues Buckeye (AMHR/AMHA 30.25", buckskin). His sire is NFCS Yankee Clipper (AMHA-28.00", sorrel), his dam is 4GS Hemlock Brook Silver Jane (AMRA - 33.50", grey)
Dam: Koch's My Angel Baby (AMHR/AMHA 33.50", chestnut pinto). Her sire is Little Hoof's Midget Mite (AMHR/AMHA 29.75", bay), her dam is Koch's Little Brandy (AMHR 36.00" chestnut)

Kashi's Sire: Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir
Rebel's Pedigree:
Sire: Lucky Four Rebels Chasin Rainbows (32.50") by Sids Rebel (31.00, sorrel) out of Glenns Calico Kitten (AMHA)
Dam: Glory Be Farms Painted Jingle (33.75, black pinto) by Glory Be Farms Chocolate Chip (AMHA) out of Glory Be Farm Rebels Lady Jingle (AMHA)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trail or Driving This 4 yr Gelding Does It All

Thinking of a perfect trail or driving gelding for your son? This four year old gelding can do it all. Check out the photos below from videos shot of him driving and being ridden.

He is used to walking in creeks but occasionally needs a little prompting to step in, but once in he is fine.

Will travel in almost any terrain. Below you see him going up a steep hill.

He drives real smooth, is good natured. Fine around trucks, combines and snowplows. Noise does not bother him.
Serious inquiries please email for a link to view him in videos that these images were pulled from.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 AMHR Chariot Races - Parade Lap and 1st Heat

I attended the Nationals and this year on Friday night "real chariots" races were held.

Before you watch these: CAUTION. Driving Chariots is dangerous.
  • Do not try this without have many hours of driving experience.
  • Make sure your horse is well trained so you can control him during the excitement of the contest
  • Carefully inspect and make sure everything on your chariot is in good shape (During one chariot class, a driver's chariot broke where the shaft attaches to the chariot. Luckily the driver was able to stop the horse before the shaft dug into the ground and could flip the chariot.)
  • Practice the proper gaits and enter the driving classes before you even consider entering a chariot race.

Parade Lap and First Heat
More heats after I get them processed. Also will list winners.

AMHR Chariot Racing, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Heats

Second heat:

I was talking with an AMHR member who remembers back when the chariot classes were first put in the rulebook. According to my source, it was in 1994, and racing was one of the classes.
The rules for the races were explained, but now even the AMHR does not have a copy.
Does ANYONE have a copy they can send to me??

Third Heat

Fourth Heat

Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Heats and Winners

After three heats all six competitors were called back into the ring. Everyone assumed winners would be announced...not so...

Seems there was a tie and a run off was necessary.

And now for the placings in the chariot race.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 AMHR - Amateur Roman Chariot Winners

105 - Amateur Roman Chariot, 38" & Under (15141)
Entries that placed: 
Entry Place Horse Owner

This year was a large class compared to previous years. Perhaps chariots are catching on. There was a seventh entry, but unfortunately they scratched because their horse pulled up lame just last week. Too bad, it would have been nice to see them again.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sandy Beach Loves Kids

Sandy has spent the summer playing best friend to most of the girls in an Amish family. Talk about a kid friend mini, below you see the girls hitching you the cart. The younger brother is supervising, after all he's three and must take charge.

After hitching her up they start off for a ride, four little girls with the seven year old taking command.

While there is video, just thought I would add one more photo of Sandy being ridden as well.

Read more about Toad Hill's Sandy Beach by clicking on her name above.
Sandy has never been exposed to a stallion, she is just a sweet little horse that I have kept since she was born on the farm.