Thursday, August 26, 2010

Toad Hill's GrapeNuts - 2nd Generation of the Cereal Collection

Toad Hill'sGrapeNuts is a 32 1/2 inch, homozygous buckskin pinto. She was just permanently registered in 2010. When GrapeNuts had this year's filly, I saw her and the name: Honey just jumped into my mind. 
It seemed a natural and so I decided she became Honey Nuts.

With three generations of names, we now have the:

Cereal Collection
In keeping with this tradition, when Kibbles (okay, I know Kibbles and Bits is a dog food, but it's all grains like cereal), had her colt this year, I thought briefly and came up with the name: Toad Hill's Captain Krunch.
The photos of GrapeNuts were taken out in the field with no preparation... she had her bridle-path trimmed in the spring, but her hair grows fast.

Photos Taken May, 2012

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