Monday, August 23, 2010

Chariot Project Phase I - Get the team

As regular readers of this blog you probably know I have been interested in chariots for a long time and one of my goals is to have a chariot team to show. Guess you could say Phase 1 is complete. In 2008 as luck would have it, two sorrel pinto colts were born within days of each other. They are half brothers since they share the same sire: Toad Hill's Rust Spot.

I just picked them up from my Amish trainer (a 12 year old boy and now his younger sister is assisting). Videos will come of their primarily training in driving. 

Next year they will be 3 years old, and training under harness. With good fortune they may be ready for their first outing late in the summer pulling a custom made chariot. I am hoping to make a show in DuQuion, IL with them and if so, I will bring dad and his son (who really desires a ride at least in the parade lap) if he is too young to drive in the class.
I know these two have strange names, but there is history behind them. I just returned from a three day seminar on the Lincoln Award when Lincoln (the one with the dark muzzle was born). Shortly thereafter a second colt was born..and rather than call them Castor and Pollux, I decided to name hims Baldrige Award. So now I own a chariot team with horses named: Lincoln Award and Baldrige Award.

Lincoln Award's Mom (He's the one with more sorrel, on the left as you look at the photo)
Toad Hill's Kibbles and Bits: Sire: Spagues Buckeye (30.25", buckskin, AMHR/AMHA) by NFCS Yankee Clipper (28.00") out of4 GS Hemlock Brook Silver Jane (33.50") Dam: Koch's My Angel Baby (32.50", chesnut pinto, AMHA/AMHR) by Little Hoof's Midget Mite (29.75) out of Koch's Little Brandy (36.00")

Baldrige Award's Mom :
Toad Hill's Butterscotch

SIRE for both: Toad Hill's Rust Spot: Sire: Toad Hill's Oreo (Black pinto, 32.0" AMHR only) by WF Flashy Boy (sire: Rainbow Ridge's Starburst Cody, dam: Cirlce S Missy) Dam: Toad Hill's Neon Echo (30.0", sabino overo, AMHA/AMHR) by Colorworlds Neon Knight out of Mini Bucks Painted Princess)

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