Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toad Hill's 09 Grand Finale

Finale is a black and white filly, measuring 33 1/2 inches.
Named Finale since she was the last foal of the 2009 season.

These photos were taken August 1, 2010. I know she has a little reddish hue on her black coat, but she has been in the field all summer and the sun has taken its toll on her beautiful black coat. I know that Finale is having a "bad hair day" as we just finished taking the cockle burrs out of her mane and she did not have a bath before the photo session.

Sire: Toad Hill's Rust Spot
Dam: Toad Hill's Wind in the Willows

Toad Hill's Grand Finale - Photo taken May 20, 2012

Finale came to visit one of the stallions this spring. Here she is seen running with Rainbow, another mare.

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