Monday, August 23, 2010

Chariot Project Phase II - Order the Chariot

In the previous post you had a chance to see my mini chariot team.

Now the most important news is Chris, the Amish trainer's dad, has designed a chariot for me based upon the many pages on this blog showing the various chariots I have seen. We went over his plans, looked at the pulling sleighs he is building for Shetlands and draft horses for pulling races, and have given the go ahead to build the chariot.

Stay toned readers, this chariot...wooden wheels, most likely red carriage with wooden trim for accent should be unveiled sometime early next year (2011) in my blog. It will have the versatility to be driving by a single or team of minis.

Chris has said if others who see it like it, he would be willing to build your chariot custom to your measurements. Chris is a blacksmith and wood worker, and I have every confidence that this will be a super chariot!!

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