Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toad Hill's Run for the Roses

Rosie is the sweetest filly, easy to work around, is patient while being clipped and her hooves trimmed. She is two years old in this photo and really could have made a nice show mini, but I had two others I wanted to Rosie stayed home.
She is a palomino pinto, her beautiful blue eyes that a highlighted by mascara (black eyeliner). around her blue eyes, and a dark colored muzzle. If you look at her head, she has palomino coloring below her ears.

Alone with all these good traits, I measured Rosie August 3rd, 2010 and she is under 34 inches.
Oh, did I also mention she has inherited her sire's curly mane and tail.
Sire: Toad Hill's Rust Spot
Dam: Toad Hill's High Octane
Oh, Rosie does have one bad habit...she likes to EAT IN BED!!!

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