Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silver Belt Buckle with Chariot Image on it

I was at Yolo Papers blog:

Mike writes:
"I have acquired the pictured silver belt buckle and have questions. It's one of those large (4 inches by 3 inches) and very well made belt buckles similar to those cowboys earn for bull riding or calf roping or bronc riding at major rodeos. This one, however, pictures two running horses, PULLING A CHARIOT!
I know there are chariot races held throughout the West and have searched the Web high and low and cannot locate a name that fits SRRA. The buckle is dated 1983 on the front. It was manufacured in German silver by the Montana Silversmiths of Columbus, Mont. My contact with them was brief, to the point of rudeness and completely helpless.
So, I'm turning to my reader with two questions:
1. What is the meaning of SRRA? 2. What does "1st Aged" mean?"

My curiosity has also been aroused. Can anyone help Mike?

There was a comment posted by another reader, Brenda. Brenda if you are reading this, may I have permission to paste your commends about your miniatures and the racing your kids to with chariots.

Just comment on this blog or email me directly at:


Intermountain Horse Racing 
I have posted the link to this club because they have have a section on Chariot Racing...these include horses of all sizes.

Another website referring to January, 2010 chariot races:

February, 2011 - Plan for next winter
Jackson Hole Cutter Races (chariot races)

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