Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheerios Arrive at New Home

The weekend after the H. A. M. E. (Heart of America Miniature Horse Show) in Belvidere, Il. my human was going to Chicago and decided to let me ride alone to my new home. I was a little concerned about riding in a minivan but found the hay in it to be quite tasty. My human knows I like a snack when traveling.
We rode for about an hour and a half, then my human decided it was time to get some gasoline since she was not sure how much further to the next stop.
As we pulled into the gas station, a church van with at least a dozen kids pulled in behind us. Most of them went right for the food in the gas station store, but several of the girls stood at the entrance to the store looking at the van. Finally they came over, and one of the girls asked if she could pet me. I said sure, and she got in with me.
There was flurry of girls taking photos of me and my friend.
Sorry I did not get her name, but we had a nice talk, then her chaperones said it was time to leave. We finished gassing up the van and took off to my new home.
I have to admit the ride was fun, but I was ready to get out and meet the new family. Sunny, the little colt was quite curious about me, but his mom was very protective. Guess I will have to win her over with my great personality!!

UPDATE from new home:
Pip is doing great! Bonnie (mother of Sunny) ignores her most of the time. Thinks she is going to lead her son (Sunny) astray--he was into wild women before she came. Sunny loves her. They chase each other and rub each other's necks! Irish (the other yearling filly) likes her. They are a pair, when Pip isn't running around with Sunny, but Irish is in charge of where they go and what they do! Sunny will be four months the end of July.

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