Monday, August 23, 2010

Really Nice Looking Mini Chariot

I was on lilbeginnings and saw this chariot advertised. Here is what the owner says:
"This is a stunning chariot for miniature horses. You can have one horse or 3 across (comes with needed attachments). All metal. Body has been repainted recently, new tires, new no flat inserts, new interchangeable logos, always kept indoors. Flag holders on either side. This is the nicest and most sturdy chariot I have ever come across and it is not heavy! I bought this hoping my husband would do the Chariot Class at Nationals. He doesn't have any interest.
More pictures on my web site under the for sale section:
$900 OBO - Make us an offer!!
Can get to 2010 AMHR Nationals.
Call or Text Marla at 210-389-6555"

I do not know Marla personally, but I sent an email to her asking for permission to include her chariot in my blog. Marla was kind enough to grant permission. She tells me that she is taking the chariot to her trainer's place. If you are interested in buying it, use the contact information on their website. 
Obviously if it is sold, it probably will not be advertised on their website.

Just a note: I do not get any perks from Marla for putting this on my website, I just thought the chariot should be included on my blog.

So THANKS Marla, and I hope you sell your chariot. Perhaps someday I will compete against the new owner in Tulsa!!

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