Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boones Buckeroo Fancy Pants

I have been asked by some: "Who was the other school bus?" If you have been reading this blog you may recall that Phantom was the mini that worked last winter as a "school bus" for some little Amish kids taking them back and forth to school two days a week. He would travel 2 miles each way, a 20 minute trip, twice a week. The other two days were Fancy Pants' responsibility. I have watched Fancy Pant pull a cart and he is a high stepping, traveling machine!! It is amazing to watch these kids with their minis. The kids ( a boy and two girls not one of them weighing more than 60 pounds or taller than four feet) swarm around the horse, hooking him me, walking him around, and the boy even loaded him into the trailer.

Surely someone would like to have him for showing in driving classes and of course using him as a stallion. Right now he is in with three mares, Toad Hill's Kiss Me Kate, Klavohan's Oreo Delight and Toad Hill's Buttermilk for 2009 foals at my place. Fancy was bred to one mare in Tuscola, IL and produced a blue roan colt out of a AMHR mare.

Fancy Pants is a blue roan and based upon what I have read on other sites, some may also say he is a blue roan bay. (I always thought bay was brown with black highlights, but what do I know?) I took these photos Memorial Day out in the field. The neck was clipped several weeks ago just so I could confirm his true color behind the winter coat. As you can see, he is shedding out and is a blue roan with black legs, mane and tail. Right now he is a little out of shape...or should I say a little over weight as the hips and neck would attest to. But he is now on a proper diet but still getting some exercise so in a month or so I have should have him looking very good.

Fancy Pants is offered for sale at $3,500 or BO. He is both AMHA and AMHR registered. I am working on getting him DNA qualified so that the foals he sired for me are dual registered too.

New photo added...taken June 20th...Fancy is slowly getting trimmer, have not used a neck sweat on him but now at show weight.

In the summer of 2008 a blue roan colt

Just for information, I am the registered co-owner of Fancy. I am not acting as an agent to sell this horse.


Dam: A A Fancy Girl 27.5"
I have added a link to his sire for reference.
Fancy was only bred once in 2007. See his 2008 colt.