Sunday, November 2, 2008

Racing Chariot

I promised to post photos of a racing chariot that were used in the Idaho chariot races. If you read about how these races came about you would learn that originally the races that were held in the winter were cutter races. But when it did not snow, someone came up with the idea of racing chariots. The Hyatts sent me photos of their racing chariot. You can see some of their action photos on my blog "Other Chariots Sites".

These photos were taken by Darcy Hiatt. He wrote me an email (below) and then sent these photos. The interesting things about these racing chariots are they are very light weight (almost stripped down when compared to the show chariots in AMHR), these are made in different sizes for shetlands and donkeys as well as quarter horses, and appear in some ways more sturdier than the show ones.

Darcy's emal:
Hi, I just kinda stumbled onto your website and saw the pictures of the miniature horse chariot racing. The team of paints are mine and I am doing the driving and one of the horses in the picture above is also mine. If you have any questions or comments about it let me know!! :
-Darcy Hiatt
Thanks Darcy.

And to make things even better, Darcy has sent detailed photos of his racing chariot. Next blog I will show you his photos of a racing chariot for those of you who might wish to build one yourselves.

Please visit his web pages at:

Also there are a bunch more photos of the racing on this page.

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