Sunday, April 6, 2008

Updates-Phantom, No Foal Yet

First thanks to everyone who made suggestions about a barn cam. We may be purchasing one in the near future.

No, Kibbles has still not foaled yet, she is probably waiting for the most inconvenient time to foal, or waiting for me to go somewhere over the week...then she will sneek it in. Right now it is chilly, slight drizzle and she is out with the other mares munching on grass.

Saturday went to Arthur, IL and picked up our "school bus." Phantom, if you recall, is the 2006 National Multi-Color (All Stars #1 -Top Ten). The family took great care of him, he was fit, in good flesh, feet neatly tirmmed, and (I hate to admit) cleaner than some at my house. I did a little clipping on his mane and neck...he was totally calm, even when clipping around his ears. Then I turned him over to the kids.

It was something to see him being harnessed and handled by the little kids. There were at one time as many as eight youngsters (the neighbor kids came over to visit) scurrying around him. Most of them could barely see over his back (35.5 inches), but they got him harnessed without dad's help and they took him to the front lawn where we took movies. First the five girls drove him around then the three boys took their turn. As I mentioned previously in the blog he takes three kids to school and back twice a week, 2 miles in 20 minutes. After the cart, the kids took Phantom back into the barn, took off the harness and put a saddle on him. While they were working on finding the correct girth (do not know its proper name) a litte four month old baby sat on Phantom's back on the saddle. No one was holding the baby, he had his feet around the front of the saddle and Phantom stood perfectly still, the baby was having a lot of fun. Now here is a little horse that can be trusted with kids!!!

We brought two other minis down to do a trade out. Gatsby, Phantom's sire, was left for "school bus training" for next year and we also dropped off Stetson for "summer camp." The kids will have another steed to ride around the farm, and Stetson loves the attention. We will pick Stetson up in the fall, unless they decide to move him also into "school bus rotation."

As for the movies, I have put them on this blog for a short period. I knew nothing about how to move the files off the tape I used in the camcorder to the computer and on to a DVD, but finally figured it out. As you will see, there were times I took movies of the grass. Since these kids are Amish I tried not to take images of their faces.
I have redone the videos and saved them at a different download speed.
First one is the girls.

The next one is a close up of Phantom.

Last one is Phantom being ridden.

So I guess you can say I am not ready to quit my day job and become a movie producer. It took 4 hours to figure out how to save these files, upload them to YouTube and put them in the blog (that was the easy part).

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