Saturday, July 19, 2008

Klavohns Oreo Delight

AMHA/AMHR registered mini, Klavohn's Oreo Delight was foaled in 1998. She is permanently registered at 32.50 inches.

She has been bred to Boone's Buckeroo Fancy Pants for a 2009 foal.

When I bought her she obviously had foundered at sometime in her life, but with proper diet her feet remain fine. She should not be let out on pasture all day as she will over eat.

DQ (what I call her) has a nice head and neck and tends to pass these traits on to her offspring. DQ has a great disposition, is friendly and easy to catch.

This black and white pinto has had several nice foals for me. I am sure she is heterozygous for pinto as she has produced at least one solid foal for me.

Sire: HCM Navajos Bold Innovation (33.00") by Calibers LIttle Navajo (AMHA, 31.50") out of NFC Tiny Mites Delight (AMHA, 33.50")
Dam: Klavohn's D. Q. Double Delight (31.00") by Star' Sunburst (28.00") out of Sunshine Sweet & Low (28.00")

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