Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take A Look - ConsiderBlog for Website

I know that some of you find the idea of maintaining a website a daunting one. I used to create web pages the old fashion way, HTML in notepad. Even taught how to do it.
But now there is an easier way. You can put it on for free. (I have no connection with them, do not get anything other than I have my blog there).
With a little bit of money you get it customized with a hand drawn header, use you own web site name (not like and loose all the bloggity elements you want.
Check out some of the blogs that NW designs has created...prices are low and really worth the money. There is no hassle, all the prices are right on the blog.
If you can post ads on lilbeginnings you can create your own web site, it is super easy.
For example, the web address has a customized little horse head, NW did that, the menu options below the header, NW did that too.
I decided what to put in the menu beneath my header, and decided that I also wanted the labels on the left side.

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