Sunday, January 2, 2011

Toad Hill's Black Jack

On Wednesday, December 28th I finally got the grandson to help hold horses for their photos. He's not too good at standing them, so these are the best I could get at the time.  I had planned to have a friend come over and take better photos Friday, but Thursday we had 50 degree weather and a lot of rain, so by Friday the place was a mess, the horses were all looking soggy, and the weather was down to freezing again. Strange weather this year.

Apple Jack is a really darling black mini with a large star on his face who will stay under 34 inches. He is a bright, blue eyed colt. I often refer to his blue eyes as: "Piercing blue eyes" a phrase I first hear on the PBS Brit Comedy "As Time Goes By."

Apple Jack is true black and has a splash of white on his tail and with three white feet.
I will try to get better photos as time allows. Black Jack and his buddy Apple Jack are both scheduled for gelding January 19, 2011. If you want a stallion, you need to let me know quickly.

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