Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Didn't Know Fancy Only Spoke Amish!

Fancy Pants was delivered to Wendy's home after Thanksgiving, 2010. Wendy plans on showing him in driving in 2011 and also using him as one of her breeding stallions.
After a week at her house Fancy was taken to training facility where he could be driven in doors. Fancy was used as a "school bus" by five Amish kids several years ago and is "bomb proof." But that was almost four years ago since he was driving. At Toad Hill he was not used for driving.
So everyone at the training facility was very surprised when after hitching him up and saying "Walk On" they got nothing from Fancy but a dirty look. Fancy stood his ground, looked back as if to say "Do you know what your doing?"
After leading him around, and a lot of "clucking" he finally started responding a little. Consensus was that Fancy did not know the correct commands, and one of the trainers suggested that perhaps Fancy only speaks Amish.
Wendy and crew decided that was enough for one day. Wendy got home and as the Microsoft ad says: "To the Cloud."  
She looked up Amish driving commands and came up with: "Step Walk", "Step Trot" etc. Next day, she tried these commands and Fancy went right to work.
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