Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby (part 2)

Toad Hill’s the Great Gatsby has been the “main man” for a number of years. Having produced two top ten multicolor winners (The Phantom of Toad Hill and Toad Hill’s Paint Me Picasso) and number nice offspring (can’t afford to show all of them!!) I have decided we need a new stallion. Most of fillies here are his. We did purchase Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir to replace him. So last year Gatsby went to Arthur and was trained in cart and riding.

Gatsby is without a doubt a great little guy. He is permanent AMHA/AMHR registered (just under 34”), under all that hair he is dapple grey (so was Phantom) and has a great temperament. He is easy to handle, has no bad habits and still looks as trim as when he was shown as a three year old (only one show-that was when I was not working).

When we went to pick Gatsby up from Arthur, the young boy that worked with him wanted to show off how well Gatsby was trained.

He rode Gatsby down the hill where the little girl is standing (that's the him in the pond as we are looking down into) and across the pond (the water was only shoulder high on Gatsby).

Then he rode Gatsby over to a hill that was at least 16 feet high and charged up it.

Gatsby seemed to enjoy the attention from the kids and the challenges he was presented.
So, as I said, I have decided to sell him (it is sad, but can’t keep them forever). Currently I keep Gatsby in the winter with both Picasso and Rusty (two stallions). But, I doubt if you will want to put him in with a stranger...I am sure that will not work. He is find with mares.

So I am offered him, upto date on all shots, he has been regularly wormed and hooves trimmed. He is well behaved and ready to breed your mares or take that young-en for a ride or after some refresher courses enter cart class (I am not certain what gaits he knows for sure).

I said back in January, 2009 I would sell him, then changed my mine.

UPDATE: March, 2010...I have decided to sell him (again). Buy him before I change my mind once more. So I changed my mine and took him off a few days later. Perhaps I will offer him again, I will wait until I see Rebel's kids.

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