Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fancy Pants and Henry County Fair

Just for the fun of it, I decided to take Fancy to the Henry County Fair. He has never been shown to my knowledge and was taken right out of the field, quick clip on head, mane and feet and brought to the fair. There was no weeks of neck sweating, daily training exercises or conditioning, just pack him up and go. I was curious to see how he would behave more than anything, since there is the possibility I could show him still in driving.
We did not do great in the over stallion class or color, but when it came to manners, Fancy was fantastic. I was worried he would attack the other stallions, not stand and show for the judges, but he proved me worry. For a six year stallion never before shown, he was a perfect gentleman.

Henry County Fair has an AMHR santioned show and it desires a second look at those of you in the area who wish to show and still have some fun visiting with friends. One bonus for me, I had him officially measured: 29.75 was the height...

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