Thursday, October 7, 2010

Top 5 Chariots for Miniature Horses

Over the past year I have posted photos of some really good looking miniature horse chariots. This post shows what I would consider among the top 5.

In 5th place:
This is not exactly a show chariot, really it is a racing chariot that is used out west. Racing chariots are constructed for speed and you can see all views at the link in this sentence. Read more about these races here and see them race (quarter horses) here at Video Chariot Races.

In 4th place:
This was the only photo I could find of Dave Charleton driving his chariot. Dave was kind enough to share his building plans with me and I am currently having a chariot for myself built.

To see more of Dave's chariot go to Chariot Measurements.

In 3rd place:
Deb, dressed as Cleopatra, drives this two horse team. At the DuQuoin show she won over both Hal and Bo (shown below). Hal built two red chariots and when he is not showing the four horse team, he splits them and both he and his wife show a team.

In 2nd place: 
This photo of Bo Stepp was taken at the DuQuion fair grounds during a miniature horse show in 2007. Bo is still showing and place first at the Tulsa Nationals.
Check out the Single Roman Chariot class at Tulsa 2009 with video at this post.
And your 1st place winner is:
I have to say, Hal and his team of four pulling a chariot is the most impressive example of a miniature horse chariot I have seen. At Nationals he drove this team during the parade lap and it was a big hit. Other photos of Hal, Bo and Deb can be seen at the blog: Roman Chariots Race in DuQuoin.

Hey, Hal also does a draft team: LINK

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