Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miss Peach Meets Her New BFF

 A neighbor down the road from me had a miniature mare that needed a friend. Her owner stopped by one day and asked if I had a yearling that might be friendly, not a dominant mare, but one who was looking for a new friend.
We walked around, the mini had to be a filly or mare. If a mare, she must not be bred...the new owner was not looking to raise minis, just a companion for her current one.
Miss Peach caught her eye. She walked up and wanted all to be petted, and the decision was made.
The following week I loaded Miss Peach into the MiniVan and off we went.
There was still some feed in the pan in the minivan from my picking up Sunny (previous post), from Ole Country Roads north of Bloomington. After Miss Peach finished the last of the grain, she started to look around, "Okay, so where's the rest of the feed. I'm hungry still!!"
Lucky for Miss Peach she noticed the MacDonald's Happy Meal still in the front seat. 
"Yum, yum, now that's more like it!!"
Miss Peach made short work of the burger and fries, then wanted to know "Where's the shake?"
Opps, too late, we had arrived.
Out she went and into the barn to meet her new 
This this will be a great friendship and adventure for Miss Peach.

(BTW: Miss Peach is out of Toad Hill's Buttermilk whose photos are just below this post.)

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