Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mini in Dressage

Okay, this is cool!!! Run this video, it is a beautifully colored leopard miniature horse doing dressage.It will take 20 seconds before you see the star of this show, but it is worth the wait.

Sorry but this is the only way I can link this was the first one I every saw of Lancelot and dressage.
Click below:

Another link to some training, unfortunately it is in German
Lancelot Interview 

How did she train that horse to do this? If I knew I would train one of my miniatures.
LINK  In case YouTube above does not work.
How about a class in miniature horse dressage for AMHR and/or AMHA?

Have to thank Wendy for this link.
Another example of "Shetlandpony" - really looks mini to me.

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