Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Single Roman Chariot - Tulsa 2009

If you want to see chariot driving you can go to Italy or save some money and go to one of the AMHR miniature horse shows where there is a chariot class. This year at both N.E.W. Miniature Horse shows in Pulaski, Wisconsin there were chariots. That show is well run, clean stall area (although a little walk from the show ring) and a outdoor driving area well suited for chariots. In spite of a six hour drive for me, it is a show worth taking the time to attend.

Also, if you get to Tulsa in September for the AMHR Nationals there are three events with chariots. The first one is class 186, single Roman chariots. Video is below.

Every chariot class starts with a parade lap.

Those deadly projectiles the announcer was referring to was the candy and flowers thrown by the passengers in the chariots to the audience.

Next up, the class:

Okay folks, time for you to be the judge...who do you think won this class??
When you have made up your mind, now check what the judges thought.

So did you score them the same as the judges?? Watch for the team chariot class coming soon.

COMMENT added 7/9/2014 from Facebook regarding the winning chariot:
Keely Zeller Exum I bought parts from different places and designed and assembled it. The body is plastic pool liner around a wood frame with a heavy wood floor. I bought wheels and an axle that fit them then cut the axle and welded it to make a drop axle. The wooden shafts that wrap around the body are also home made. The single tree was purchased. The horse decals were vinyl stickers.

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