Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Day for a Romp on the Lawn

The weather was perfect for February and all the yearlings were let out on the lawn to run and have some fun.

Merlin (in front) is chased by Special Delivery. Both have potential as show horses. Merlin is a L O U D colored black/white pinto. Both his parents are National Champions in MultiColor. Both of these yearlings are for sale.

The KID, aka Toad Hill's Apache Kid was out running and the seen playing with Storm Chaser (filly) below. The Kid is AMHA/AMHR registered and currently is about 23 inches tall. Should mature to be an outstanding stallion.

Derby Daze (brown colt in photo below) decided to join in and try to get The Kid to play with him too. "Tag, you're it!!"
Below is Storm Chaser peering over Derby Daze's back.
Storm Chaser front view.
The three Amigos, Graham (cream colored colt, 23 inches) The Kid (pinto) and Derby Daze (colt).

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