Monday, June 6, 2011

Apache Gals Foal

Apache Gal decided it was time to have her foal early this morning. I have to admit it is one of the smallest foals ever born at Toad Hill but what do you expect when the sire is 29" and the mare is 32.5"? This little foal is well portioned and has a definite black strip down her back. Can't tell if she has roaning but is definitely not a true black.

We finally got around to checking and see whether new foal is filly or colt. He's a colt, and I do not have name yet..but it will come to me. So far the only photo of this colt is him at a day old.

Mustardseed Legionaires Apache Gal is a 32.5", 23 year old mare. Her sire is: Flying W Farms Legionaire (30.25") and her dam is San Antonios Foxey Lady (32").
Apache Gal's previous foal was Toad Hill's Sids Rebel Legionaire and he measured 29.5" as a two year old.
The Apache Kid is now a yearling. This photo was taken June, 2012.
Here's a different angle.

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