Sunday, June 5, 2011

Willows 2011 Foal

IT"S official: Merlin is Homozyous paint, homozygous black. All his foals should be black pintos (assuming your mare does not have dilution and other factors).
Date Received: 10/12/2012
Horse Name Breed Tobiano RFactor
Toad Hill's Merlin
Miniature Horse

Spent the weekend at the Ionia, Michigan miniature horse show.
We enjoy the show  the Mid-Michigan club puts on but it is a long drive and we have to leave the mares alone during our foaling season.
We generally do not breed the mares to have March or April foals since the weather is so unpredictable.
And, I have come to the conclusion that for mares, having their foals outside, on the lawn is the most natural for them. We have fewer problems when they foal in "the wild."

While we were gone, on Saturday my grandson who takes care of the horses while I am gone, called to say there was a black and white mare with a new foal, and it looks just like her. He thought the mare was Willow. 
He was right...this little foal does look color wise very much like a Willow foal. The proud dad is Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelheir.
I have decided to call this little colt: Toad Hill's Merlin.
Willow's Pedigree:
Sire: WF Flashy Boy
Dam: Quincy Made Patchworks
Toad Hill's Merlin - Photos taken May 23, 2012
Special Delivery, Merlin and Apache Kid playing

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