Sunday, February 26, 2012

Willow - This is Your Life

Toad Hill's Wind in the Willows,
You were foaled 5/18/2001
Your sire was: WF Flashy Boy, 32" ...affectionately named: SPUD.(below)
Your dam was Quincy Made Patchworks, a 37" black/white pinto mare, crippled in one leg because of an accident before she was purchased by Toad Hill..shown below with your full sister from the previous year...Toad Hill's BNW Ribbet.
Ribbet (below) on the year you were foaled became National Champion Multi-Color, Mare Over 34." 
The next year, 2002 you followed in your sister's footsteps and went National Champion Multi-Color, Mare Over. Below is a photo of your first show.
We were able to take a better photo of you while you were still on the circuit towards the end of 2002.

 In 2004 you produced your first foal: The Phantom of Toad Hill.. A dapple grey coat sired by Toad Hill's the Great Gatsby. Phantom went on to become the National Champion Multi-Colored Over class Stallion/ Gelding 2005.He is now a therapy horse in Provo, Utah.

Phantom was followed by Toad Hill's Kiss Me Kate [foaled 2005], National Champion Multi-Color, Under Mare 2007 (first photo left below) and Toad Hill's Paint Me Picasso was also National Champion, Multi-Color Over Stallion/Gelding 2007 (Second photo right).

In 2007 the two together also won National Champion Produce of Dam for Willow.

Here they are together side by side...Kate in front and Picasso behind.

In 2009 Willow was awarded 2nd place in Produce of Dam (above are Slate [foaled 2008] and Summer Breeze [foaled 2007]). Her colt Toad Hill's Slate (to the right in photo above placed 3rd in Multi-Color Stallion/Gelding and his full sister Toad Hill's Summer Breeze came in 6th in Multi-Color Mare Over. It was a rough season and we missed a number of shows that year.

2011 brought Toad Hill's Shes Magic (foaled in 2010) to the ring. Shown above practicing before walking into the ring...she was the 2011 National Champion Multi-Color Mare Over and National Champion in Owned, Bred and Shown by Exhibitor.

Willows grand kids are showing now. Their dam is Toad Hill's  Kiss Me Kate. They have won National Multi-Color Champion awards and Kate has won the Produce of Dam the after she produced her second foal. But that's another story yet to be written.

Toad Hill's Wind in the Willows most recent foal is Toad Hill's Merlin. He is available for sale, as I will not be able to show him this year.
Merlin was DNA and is homozygous black, homozygous tobiano.

All of the next foals were sired by Lucky Four RebelChase RebelHeir.

2012 - Toad Hill's Princess Neytiri was born. She is still owned by Toad Hill. Neytiri is also homozygous for both tobiano and black. 

2013 - Toad Hill's She's a Pepper, a filly is now in Ohio and is a driving mini.

2014 - Toad Hill's Zipper, now located in Indiana and soon to be shown

2015 - CJ, filly with Willow, her mom.

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