Monday, November 21, 2011

More Protection Against Rain

 At 7:20 am I decided it was time to get up and feed the horses. I had taken the day off because the carports were to be coming and I was supposed to also get another automatic waterer installed.
Just as I walked out the door, a workman  came up and asked was this the place for the carports. Yep. And to work they went. Within minutes the frames were being assembled.
 The crew of three knew exactly what to do and within 45 minutes were done with the first one and off to assemble the second one.
 This one will ultimately contain another mini feed bunk.
The second one was completed in even less time since the trees did not interfere with construction.
Once the carport was erected and the fence panels in place, I was able to let the little kids in to check it out.
It looks like they approve, so much so the little horses were all ready to have lunch.
I am sure that the minis will appreciate not having to eat in the rain anymore.

Have to admit the three construction guys were fast and efficient. Considering how quickly things went up, how happy I am with the results I am already thinking about buying another one in the spring, but perhaps bigger.
This is not a commercial, not am I getting anything for saying that I was happy with Carolina Carports, Inc. and would recommend them to my friends.

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