Monday, December 26, 2011

Labor Day Adventures

Had some free time on Labor Day and decided to take some photos. Yes, I know it is really the holiday season, but this is the first time I had a week off and time to catch up on my posts and photos.
Fancy Pants was home after a busy summer at Wendy's. She had him driving most of the time but  also provided him with quite a few ladies to court when he was not working.
Madame Butterfly below was poising for her permanent registration photos. With some many mares and stallions and the lousy economy I had to cut back so several nice mares were not bred this year.
We did have some nice foals this year however. Below you can see Wind in the Willows with her newest offspring, Merlin.

Another foal this year gave use quite a scare. Graham below is checking out a visitor, Marley. Graham caught a form of pneumonia and was sick for a couple weeks. Fully recovered now he is just one of the guys.
The last foal of the season was also the last foal that Apache Gal will ever give us. We are calling him the Apache Kid, his mom passed away at 23 years old after weaning her foal at five months old. We will miss her.

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