Monday, June 20, 2011

Woven Basket Chariot - Bo's Ready for Chariot Class at Tulsa

Bo Step has done it again. Always trying to recreate what is most like the original first chariots, Bo has designed and built a chariot that is woven of reed and willow. So now may I present Step N High's 2010 chariot....drum roll please.
 The wheels, floor and shafts are all wood stained and varnished....drat mine is supposed to be like that too. Every one will think I copied that. I especially like the two tone die on the reeds.

I had to include an interior close up of the frame showing how the shafts for this chariot were connected.

And here is the interior of one of Bo's other chariots...
If you want to see more of Bo's chariots you can look at the label Chariot to the left and also click on the words in the next line to get to his website:

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