Sunday, June 19, 2011


Stetson is the first horse born under the Toad Hill name. He was shown in 2002 as a yearling by Brenda Plass and during the first year of showing he was entered at 4 shows won 4 Grand Champions and 4 Reserve Grand Champion...and then we pulled him from the show circuit and based upon the trainers recommendation gelded him. The following year he went oversize and was never shown again.
Hall of Fame Category: Halter
Points From 2002: 36
Grand Champion wins: 4
Reserve Champion Yearly Gelding,Over and Reserve Multi-Color Gelding Over
Shown Exclusively by Brenda Plass

We have had him on the farm ever since. In 2008 a neighbor, 16 year old girl, who was showning in competition a dressage horse spent the summer training Stetson for riding. She said if she could show him the next year, she would train him in dressage. Well, the next summer she found a job and could not fit Stetson into her busy schedule.

A couple years later we sent him to Arthur, he was getting fat and needed someone to exercise him. Daniel, our young Amish trainer kept him for the summer. He was ridden and exposed to driving. But it was obvious to Daniel that Stetson is a riding horse and he really did not like pulling a cart.
He has been here since, but once again is getting fat. He needs a home where kids will ride him so he is reluntantly being offered for sale.

Stetson is a hard worker, he helps with everything around the house. He is used to being on the lawn (fenced in) but supervises all jobs such as fixing the riding mower, unloading wood for the fireplace or paint a house.
To see more photos check out: PICASA WEB
Stetson has been placed in a wonderful home with a POA, a couple minis, a couple of kids and their 14 nieces, nephews who come to play with the horses. He will be shown in fun shows in Indiana. Photos to come soon.

Thank YOU Brenda for recommending they give me a call.

UPDATE June 21, 2012
Stetson has a great home with the owner having two kids and 14 nieces and nephews to play with. He also has two other minis, a POA and a larger horse as companions.

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